Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Winging it!

I had a really smashing day today. I got quite a lot done to this commission which is a bit overdue. It is quite large so this can be excused. The crumpled fabric at the bottom of the painting will take a few days to paint but after that it's plain sailing. I should be able to get it sent off to the framers up in Aberdeen next week if everything goes to plan.

The sun was out today so I took a little afternoon skive and went for a late lunch on The Shore with my Arty pal Katy. It was terribly pleasant to be eating al fresco once again. Ya!

Was looking into the Icarus mythology t'other day and I am thinking about making a pair of wings and attempting to fly to Crete. Only Jesting! It is, however, another cracking idea for a painting. I would probably use a female model though. I'm finding the idea of painting wings quite attractive at the moment for some reason.

Icarus Allsorts!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Doors are windows

Spotted this pearl of nonsense when I was out on the crutches. I have always been interested in street art and the social/societal function of graffiti, but this little beauty beggars belief. After seeing this I couldn't avoid attempting to imagine where this person was coming from. Was this a statement of belief, an ingenuous repetition or simply something offensive to scrawl on a door?

Who knows? It did make me think that I would actually prefer it if more intelligent people had the balls to write their thoughts on doors. At least that way I would be walking around with more positive thoughts about "Our Great Nation".

Get writing and send me the photos

Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie put your hands all over my body!

I was at El Studio quite early yesterday and managed to get the bulk of the day's work out of the way swiftly. I spent the rest of my time painting this little guy. I am not keen to over-analyse things but, I sense that these chaps will be making a frequent appearance in the new work. Maybe the inclusion of one Puffin in every show will be deemed acceptable? I think Puffins are cool little things. I suspect my attraction to them is more to do with their tonal values than my latent interests in ornithology. I'm just not keen on the connotations of being a "bird watcher".

Not sure if I will be going to El Studio today as I have a veritable mountain of mundane missions to manage. Probably will though!

Twitching Lisle

Friday, 27 March 2009

El Studio Diablo Parte Dos

This is the other side of El Studio Diablo. I really should make this place a bit more homely.


Had another absolutely stonking day at the s-s-studio yesterday. I managed to break the back of the first of the new commissions (image) and had some cracking ideas for new work. Most of these involving puffins for some reason. I sense a new obsession.

I'm up at crazy o'clock today - 5am. I think it's probably due to the work load and the fact that I'm quite into it all at the moment.

Need to remember to finish that drawing this evening!

I am Mighty!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Another Blast from the Past

Yesterday someone cool reminded me about this photograph. I loved that suit! This is me in the third year of my degree in 1998/9. The HUGE painting behind me is possibly one of the strangest things I have ever painted. A naked girl, floating baby and chains in an abstracted flower head? The pale blue areas were covered with tiny automatic writing. Y'know, Nonsense!

Kind of says it all really

Reet! It's a beautiful day so I'm off out. Will probably go to the studio in a bit though.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

El Studio Diablo

This is where the magic happens folks! Well, this is about a third of where the magic happens. I got distracted and didn't finish taking the photos. It's not quite that small looking. You get the idea though. It's in the eaves of an old grain store called Coburg House Studios and Gallery. It is nice.

Buongiorno! Here's a laugh.

Here's a press clipping from my school days. I must have been 15-ish and Chinese, apparently. That's My old pal and Art teacher Pete Avery, who I believe recommended me for the Sir Thomas Wharton Trustee thing mentioned previously. There was a bit of friendly competition going on here. Naturally, I hammered him.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Last push

As promised here's the Lurker. On second examination, it really doesn't need too much work, which is nice. Might give it a tickle tomorrow evening providing that I'm not wiped out after the studio. As of tomorrow morning I think I will be working fairly insane hours for a long, long time.

I was contacted last year about working with the Sir Thomas Wharton Trust. Apparently my old school has been rebuilt in a slightly different location and called Sir Thomas Wharton Something or other. My first impression is that they would like me to work with the trustees. I had forgotten all about this and have started the ball rolling again today.  Sounds like good fun...whatever it involves. Will keep you posted.

I will take a few photos of the studio tomorrow and post them for your perusal.

Just had a great idea for a painting. An empty dog basket! Y'know, a suggested narrative type thing... Is that a bit much?

I am Shattered

The Lurker

That's probably my lot for today as I'm off to the beach and things. I will, however, post up an unfinished charcoal drawing that I have spotted lurking in the living room. It has been taunting me for a few days now.

Lurk's an odd word isn't it?

Putting things in perspective!

Guten Morgen!

I have been asked to contribute to Postcard Anons (Exhibition and Sale) For the charity West London Action for Children. Loads of postcards by famous, established and amateur artists on sale for 25 quid a pop. It's one of those, signed on the back so it might be a Damien Hirst affairs.

As this is a cause that has some major awesomeness, I am sending them a wee study of my hand. My hand is the best hand in the land , so why not?

Joking aside, children's charities such as this are amazing and do so much good work. Without these hardworking selfless people a lot more of Britain's children would end up on the scrapheap. Amongst other things, they help Children and families affected by abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, poverty, bullying, divorce, bereavement and emotional and relationship difficulties. I personally think this is shouldn't even be a charity, It should be as firmly established as the NHS.

Any fellow artists reading this should send a 6"x4" or 7"x5" artwork signed only on the back to the following address before April 9th.

Postcards Anon
West London Action for Children,
The Carlyle Building,
Hortensia Road,
SW10 0QS

Lots of love Smashy and Nicey

Monday, 23 March 2009


Reet! A wee tidy up when it's dry and Bob's your Barnacle. Might rethink the blue shirt. Warmer?

I miss my dog

I'm a fairly happy bunny today anyway. Thanks for asking.

3 creatures one message. It gets better.

Look out! It's the Wild Boo-boos

Here's the finished tonal painting. This, I believe, is the most important stage to capture a sitters likeness. By separating tone from colour at this point in the process I avoid making any wild boo-boos later on. If the forms are correctly rendered using monotone then half the battle is won. Many artists have believed this to be the way forward, most notably Vermeer. If it's alright for Vermeer it's alright by me.

The overlaid opaques at this stage are shades of raw umber and white and burnt umber and white. The warmth of the underpainting is still visible in the shadow areas and will be utilised when raw colour and glazes are applied.

I will finish this later and post the result but first I'm away to meet the potential new flatmate, have a word with a driving instructor and then eat some steak.

I said STEAK!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

"Stripe a light guv'ner"

So, as I mentioned a few posts ago, the inclusion of the lesser spotted striped sock in my latest body of work has garnered a small fan club. There has been quite a bit of interest in translating the stripey sock vibe into portraity type things. Not sure why. Maybe it's the dancer/performer feel I gave the painting. whatever, I'm pretty pleased. I have had a few people contact me with quite specific commission proposals. All is well in Lisle town.

Today I will be finishing off any small incidental pieces and preparing for tomorrows Assault on Precinct 15 (Coburg Street that is). I have a pretty full six months ahead of me and it starts Monday. I need to work my posterior off if I want to see any of the sunshine that is approaching. Looking forward to this summer once I get the dog back from Aberdeen.
Will probably post again this evening with the finished Heid of Charlie McCulloch.

Casting the miserable aside!
The Lisle

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Busy Bee

I've not posted for a few days. I have been working just not with a tangible product. Emails, phonecalls and paperwork! It's not all colouring books and posterpaints. I was tutoring on Friday morning, on the radio Friday afternoon and painting on a bloody Saturday. That's quite enough thankyou! Sunday is ME-Time...although I'm tempted to try getting a model in.

Have another few bits of private work in the pipeline but we will have to see where they lead. One portrait and a reinterperetation of a previous work.

Here's the heid of Charlie McCulloch in it's pre-awesome state. Hopefully this little face spate will encourage some more portraiture commissions.

I'm back in juggernaut mode

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Unforgivable spelling mistakes

My crayons stayed in the box today. I did, however, get another bit of private work that i am quite excited about. It involves stripey socks. Will write more on this later.

Off back to the Royal Burgh tomorrow morning. Really, really looking forward to getting stuck in at the studio.

Great day today; plenty of exercise, shopping, haircut and a rather tasty pub lunch with my Brother. It was super.

Monday, 16 March 2009

The World on Who's Shoulders?

I'm back to the Edinburgh studio on Thursday and here's what's about to hit the easel. I will probably do a charcoal drawing first to iron out any niggles before paint hits canvas. There are a few tonal issues that need looking into. Quite fancy doing something bigger than the average bear.

I am going to try to get some more models on the go soon.

I had been thinking of painting a quite traditional/literal take on the Greek mythology of Atlas Telamon. Y'know that Titan with the world on his shoulders. Ok, he was actually supporting the heavens but, for the sake of an iconic image, who cares. Not sure who would model for this... Who do I think deserves a bit of torture at the moment? Mmmmm

Not received the canvas to start the Aberdeen commission yet but everything is set to go. It will be Marvelous!

Reet I'm off to bed, people to see tomorrow.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Scare wagon

Today I have been mostly travelling at speeds in excess of 140mph. My pal turned up with an expensive little yellow sportscar thing called a VX220 Turbo. I spent the afternoon out in the country pinned to my seat fighting the urge to scream. I had never fully appreciated the allure of sports cars but after this adrenaline saturated afternoon I see the light. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3z5pqT7lfuE

Anyhoo, Early night as big family meal thing tomorrow. Joy.

Brum Brum

Friday, 13 March 2009


Here's a sketch I did this afternoon. While I'm on a wee run of small canvases I will probably start this later. This handsome chap is The Talented Mr Charlie McCulloch, the designer of my website and many other marvelously weird things. Check him in me Talent Links.

By the way I feel absolutely marvelous today...thanks for asking.

what's happening to me

Made up two new words today. Plap and Nong. I just have to figure out how to use them in a sentence and then offer them to the Dictionary men (or women).

Anyone got their number?

Friday the 13th

As promised here is the finished painting. Quite pleased with it and might do a larger version. I think the scale of the canvas made it more time consuming than it really should have been. Oh well, you live and learn. I decided against leaving the bare canvas and wash square in the background because it looked shit. For real homies.

I'm going to crack on with something else today. Not sure what yet but, naturally, it will be really, really smashing.

I've put the dog painting on hold for the minute. I feel that if I'm going to paint my pet it really has to wee against the metaphorical lamp-post of what the "Dog Portraitists" are doing. I wouldn't want to look daft now would I?
...Or snobby and elitist. One out of three is nae bad, Ken?

Anyhoo I'm going to watch the new Friday the 13th movie.
I'm cacking it already.


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Shairron and Bill

I'm bored of this thing now. I will finish it on me tea breaks.

I've started tinkling around with a painting of my partner in crime Jelly Dog. I will post it when it's AWESOME!...sorry, I meant finished.

Not much else to babble on about today

Bill Murray

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

MOTIVATION! The winners way - by Dr Dylan Lisle

As you can see not much painting is being done at Casa Lisle, I seem to have stretched a days work into three. I have been answering emails and doing a few sketches for the imminent Aberdeen commission so I am guilt free. I think I should give up the Internal-Guilt-Trip Motivation Strategy as it's just not fair on me. I might, however, write a self help book based on this strategy and point it at America. It's a winner.

I have been thinking some more about painting my dog Jelly-Ray. I might start something tomorrow after I have finished the wee study above (No not a study of wee). Pet paintings are sometimes regarded as a bit of a no-no for fine artists with any degree of professional credibility. My dog is no mere pet. Enough said. Just wait and see, it will be awesome.

Reet! it's quite late

Woof Woof

Monday, 9 March 2009

"Jeff Wode is feeling better and is now prepared to step back into society and start tossing his orb about."

No post yesterday! Shame on me. Couldn't be helped, I was away cleansing my soul and purifying my heart. Jesus! I AM turning into a hippy.

Anyhoo back to business. I haven't had chance to get a great deal done over the past few days so I have posted a few minor stages of the work in progress. At least it's something. Will finish it off tomorrow.

I will be starting a large commission in the next week which I'm quite looking forward to. It's another Aberdeen based customer. I have always been well received up there for some reason. Maybe they have a finely tuned taste in art and have recognised my genius? The painting will most likely be a back view of a seated figure quite similar to my painting Chorus. Should be fun. Will keep you posted.

Like Catnip for Aberdonians! That's me!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Wee Painting

Here's a sketch I did early this morning. I will start 1ft square painting this afternoon and hopefully finish it before bedtime. The image comes from a full figure painting I did of my good friend Shairron Murray. I thought the head and shoulders would make an interesting wee study.
As 1ft is quite a small scale for this subject I plan to make the underpainting as tight as possible so I don't lose the forms later on.

I will try to post up stages again.

Friday, 6 March 2009


No post for yesterday as the Tinternet went on the blink...might have been me on the blink though.
Here's a wee sketch I did a wee while ago. I have been mulling over whether the stripey sock thing is working for me. I think I will hold off until the London show has finished to see how well the other two were received.

Oh, I did my little dream inspired canvas. It's ok. Will post it at some point. I hope I'm not turning into a hippy. I hate hippies.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I have just realised that you can click on the images to enlarge them. You probably want to do this as it will give you more pleasure in your eye. Fact.

Head study in stages part two

I don't have to punish myself.

Here's the last five stages completed in oils. A mixture of opaque and glazed layers.

I had another slightly lazy day but I can excuse this as I had a visitor to distract me. Tomorrow I intend to be firing on all cylinders. I plan to start another 1ft square head study.

Reet! I'm off to watch a horror movie.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Head study in stages part one

I have been a bit of a lazy bones today and didn't get the painting finished. No excuses, I'm just lazy. It will be finished tomorrow afternoon or I will punish myself.

Here are the first six stages of the underpainting. I have used burnt umber and white acrylic in washes and then opaquely using acrylic fibre brushes.

Off to bed
It's hard work being this laid back.

Monday, 2 March 2009


Reet! I did this sketch this evening and thought I would knock up a wee portrait from it tomorrow. Note to self: Stop using any old scrap of paper to doodle on. I think I will knock out a few foot square paintings this week.

I will take photos of each stage and post them up so you can see how these quick little things are built. A look up the wizards sleeve.

That's right I'm the wizard.

Current Exhibition

I have a rather beefy solo show at The Medici Gallery in London at the Mo. Check my bad self here http://www.medicigallery.co.uk/current_show.htm
and here
This is the third time I have shown on Cork Street and it generally attracts a bit of attention. Mainly due to the fact that I am super Awesome. Others may disagree.

They are wrong.

Here's a photo of me from my first London show so you can laugh at me in a suit.

And so we begin

On the advise of the rather spectacularly talented Mr Al Heighton, I have decided to let you all in to the world of The Lisle...Or should that be, allow some of it to escape.

I will be posting a various rantings, photos, sketches and new paintings for the perusal of anyone who cares. Hopefully this barrage of brilliance will give an insight into what goes on in the working life of Lisle.
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