Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Winging it!

I had a really smashing day today. I got quite a lot done to this commission which is a bit overdue. It is quite large so this can be excused. The crumpled fabric at the bottom of the painting will take a few days to paint but after that it's plain sailing. I should be able to get it sent off to the framers up in Aberdeen next week if everything goes to plan.

The sun was out today so I took a little afternoon skive and went for a late lunch on The Shore with my Arty pal Katy. It was terribly pleasant to be eating al fresco once again. Ya!

Was looking into the Icarus mythology t'other day and I am thinking about making a pair of wings and attempting to fly to Crete. Only Jesting! It is, however, another cracking idea for a painting. I would probably use a female model though. I'm finding the idea of painting wings quite attractive at the moment for some reason.

Icarus Allsorts!

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