Saturday, 28 March 2009

Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie put your hands all over my body!

I was at El Studio quite early yesterday and managed to get the bulk of the day's work out of the way swiftly. I spent the rest of my time painting this little guy. I am not keen to over-analyse things but, I sense that these chaps will be making a frequent appearance in the new work. Maybe the inclusion of one Puffin in every show will be deemed acceptable? I think Puffins are cool little things. I suspect my attraction to them is more to do with their tonal values than my latent interests in ornithology. I'm just not keen on the connotations of being a "bird watcher".

Not sure if I will be going to El Studio today as I have a veritable mountain of mundane missions to manage. Probably will though!

Twitching Lisle

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