Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Last push

As promised here's the Lurker. On second examination, it really doesn't need too much work, which is nice. Might give it a tickle tomorrow evening providing that I'm not wiped out after the studio. As of tomorrow morning I think I will be working fairly insane hours for a long, long time.

I was contacted last year about working with the Sir Thomas Wharton Trust. Apparently my old school has been rebuilt in a slightly different location and called Sir Thomas Wharton Something or other. My first impression is that they would like me to work with the trustees. I had forgotten all about this and have started the ball rolling again today.  Sounds like good fun...whatever it involves. Will keep you posted.

I will take a few photos of the studio tomorrow and post them for your perusal.

Just had a great idea for a painting. An empty dog basket! Y'know, a suggested narrative type thing... Is that a bit much?

I am Shattered

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