Monday, 23 March 2009

Look out! It's the Wild Boo-boos

Here's the finished tonal painting. This, I believe, is the most important stage to capture a sitters likeness. By separating tone from colour at this point in the process I avoid making any wild boo-boos later on. If the forms are correctly rendered using monotone then half the battle is won. Many artists have believed this to be the way forward, most notably Vermeer. If it's alright for Vermeer it's alright by me.

The overlaid opaques at this stage are shades of raw umber and white and burnt umber and white. The warmth of the underpainting is still visible in the shadow areas and will be utilised when raw colour and glazes are applied.

I will finish this later and post the result but first I'm away to meet the potential new flatmate, have a word with a driving instructor and then eat some steak.

I said STEAK!

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