Tuesday, 10 March 2009

MOTIVATION! The winners way - by Dr Dylan Lisle

As you can see not much painting is being done at Casa Lisle, I seem to have stretched a days work into three. I have been answering emails and doing a few sketches for the imminent Aberdeen commission so I am guilt free. I think I should give up the Internal-Guilt-Trip Motivation Strategy as it's just not fair on me. I might, however, write a self help book based on this strategy and point it at America. It's a winner.

I have been thinking some more about painting my dog Jelly-Ray. I might start something tomorrow after I have finished the wee study above (No not a study of wee). Pet paintings are sometimes regarded as a bit of a no-no for fine artists with any degree of professional credibility. My dog is no mere pet. Enough said. Just wait and see, it will be awesome.

Reet! it's quite late

Woof Woof

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