Thursday, 30 April 2009


After a bit of a slow start, I managed to get a fair bit done today. I did wee bit to a work in progress and then started this badboy.

It looks a bit outrageously wingy at the moment but you will see where I am going with this in the next few days. The Model is Ellie and the size is 100x50cm. If this works I will probably do another similar.

I'm off out for my tea tonight and then hopefully off to see some live blues. The first person to sing "Since my baby left me..." gets a kick up the arse!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Click for larger image

Here's a collected version of the Loss Tryptich. All or nothing and black and white.

Monday, 27 April 2009

All that Glitters...

The final piece of the creature tryptich!!!!! This has turned out to be a bit of a personal project. I'm not sure if I can let this go to the galleries. The three creatures were always intended to represent aspects of my life, but thematically, they ultimately represent loss. Sounds a bit heavy but I have found it superbly useful.

My Grandfather loved Puffins and would send me a postcard from everywhere he travelled that had these fellas.

I lost my dog at the start of this year. Bull Terriers have always had a place in my heart and are the only replacement I would consider. Ever!

Magpies steal silver and gold things. I lost a silver and gold thing at the start of this year.

I think this is out of my system now, although Puffins might make another appearance.
Just looked back on this Pic'.......pretty chuffed with the head, Even if the photo is a little blurs

I have the fantastical and most spectacularly magical miss Jo Kelly posing for me tomorrow! I hope to be truly blessed with her posy-ness and her amazing banter! And hopefully her ability to eat nice food!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

The McArthur

Was speaking to The Spectacular Patsy McArthur last night...all the way from Berlin!!!

Here's a link to her Website. She is a frighteningly talented girl. Serious!

Reet Off to El Studio Diablo at a reasonable time for a Saturday. I will create some masterpieces and post them later.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Here's a wee doodle I did for The rehab place in Doncaster. Should have something more concrete by Monday.

I have had a rather productive Friday thank you very much!

Origins 2

This is a reworking of a painting that was included in the last London show. It's slightly smaller and I have tried to work on making it more dynamic. There is still a lot of work to be done. The lower back and lower ribs are a bloody nightmare! I had thought about stencilling a victorian wallpaper design in the blackness but decided it would be a bit busy.

I will hopefully get this finished in the next couple of days. I am still working through a backlog of stuff before I can get to painting some wings!

Shiny silver and gold things

I was looking for a creature to complete the black and white tryptich and a magpie seemed to fit.

Thursday, 23 April 2009


Started a wee painting of a magpie today. Didn't achieve much else as my brain was melting from the hardcore painkillers.

Had a call from a rather impressive looking gallery in St Andrews which looks promising. The Fraser Gallery

Monday, 20 April 2009

Nothing new

With some major observation skills, Tanya Burton spotted this little fella.

Here's a couple of oldies that make up for the last two.

Click for larger image

Here's something I found today. It's a painting I did just after leaving Art School in 2000. I quite liked it at the time.

Winning and losing

I've had a pretty unfulfilling day today. I have been on the go since the crack of dawn but don't seem to have anything to show for it. I have dealt with the courier to Aberdeen and packaged the painting, made numerous boring phone calls, did a bit of painting and then raked through the external hard drive looking for an image that wasn't there.

I did find lots of images that I had completely forgotten about. Continuing today's theme of working hard to achieve very little, the above painting had been erased from my memory due to it's unbelievable undesirability. It is very old though ! What was I thinking?

You win some, you lose some

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Bleak House

Here's an old invitation from a show in Aberdeen. 10 team points to the house that can tell me where I stole the pose!

I'm even more ill than yesterday, not in a cool hiphop way either. The Manfluenza is in full effect. By brain aches, my limbs ache, my throat hurts and I'm pretty sure my neck is twice it's normal size. I really wish I had a loving woman to bring me chicken soup and stroke my head. Poor me!

On a brighter note, it is a wonderfully sunny day. I ventured outside to sit by the river for a while... but still felt bleak. Nice to catch a few rays though.

Popped into El Studio Diablo earlier to pick up a wee canvas and a bit of paint. I will try to do a little painting this evening. Don't really feel like it but it's back to the old motivation through guilt scenario.

Need to start thinking about the Doncaster Drugs Rehab graphic design thing tonight too.

Down but not out

Saturday, 18 April 2009

"I'm in a park and I'm practically dead"

I think I have The Manfluenza. I am sure you are aware of how deadly this can be to us menfolk.

My throat feels like I have been gargling with fighting cats.

Feel my brow

Friday, 17 April 2009

It gets worse - edited

Someone has added " and Gypsys" to this!!!!!!
I'm tempted to add "and bigots" to it.

Sorry! I got the Gypsies bit wrong. It actually says "Beggars". Perhaps I'm a latent or subconcious Gypsy hater. Still, it's pretty shitty thing to write.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Future reference

Give the mouse cursor a quick run over the text. I sometimes put links to other sites in the post. The one below has a link to New Beginnings.

No no no

I have finally finished the Wee Puffin painting. I suspect that this is not out of my system yet. Watch this space.

Had a phone call today from a dear old friend who works for the New Beginnings Drug Rehab in Doncaster. They are starting a new campaign and I have been asked to do a bit of graphic design for their promotional material. Again it's something different and will be good

I will be starting a new painting today and will probably finish this post later .............................................................................................................................................................

Ok! Just back from El Studio Diablo and I have had a tremendously productive day. After finishing the Puffin, I went into a veritably shamanistic painting trance. As a result, I have prepared a reasonably sized underpainting that can be started tomorrow. See above image. It's a reworking of a painting that was in my latest London show. I don't usually go back to an image. However, I feel that this one needs further exploration. Watch me now!

This evening I will be looking for another image of something black and white. I have another wee square canvas left and i'm getting into painting black and white creatures. Puffin, Bull Terrier and ????? Panda? Magpie? Polar bear with a leaky fountain pen?

I have not done anything with the images I took of the model on friday yet. I'm just waiting for my brain to do a bit of subconcious processing. I'm telling you! It's up to all sorts when i'm asleep.

Peas Oot!

Monday, 13 April 2009


I received this today. There is something very British about this.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Dundee Bound

Found these ancient paintings online this morning. These oldies were shown at the Queens Road Gallery in Aberdeen nine years ago. I really wish I had kept a better photographic record of my work back then. Most of it was really quite different to my current work.

Reet! Off to Dundee today so I had best get hopping along.

Easter Bunny

Friday, 10 April 2009


I have had a pretty busy day today. I had a pal down from Aberdeen for the day to pose for me and ate lots of fine food.

Not much else to report

The image above is probably going to be the starting point for the first of the wing paintings.

I had a steak. It was tasty. Thanks for asking.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Bad, bad photos. Not In an eighties Jacko sense

After finishing the commission, I felt like a wee diversion. I love these dogs, but more importantly they fit into my burgeoning obsession with black and white things. A shoe is next on the list. That's right, A SHOE! This painting needs a bit of work but I reckon it will be quite interesting when I am finished.

I am aware of Ray Richardson.

I love my brain at the moment.

Job's a good un


Link to scam warning

Penn Cage

A quick warning to all fellow Artists out there. I have had a few emails from this cheeky scamster.

Disapointing really.

Welcome home

This really should be yesterdays post but I got in late.
Had a cracking day today. Spent a bit of time chipping away at the commission and then went off for some food and a long overdue blether with my pals Shairron and Alan.

The image here is a painting Shairron commissioned a few years back. I had somehow managed to lose the photograph I had of it... I'm pretty pleased to have it back in the portfolio. It is nice.

So am I

Monday, 6 April 2009

Post Script

And a BIG hello to the E-wing.
Penguins and puffins? mmmm


I feel that this is coming on rather nicely. In the immortal words of Hanibal from The A-Team, "I love it when a plan comes together".
The tasks for tomorrow include: calming down the red rectangle, putting highlights and a bit of colour into the white sheets, sorting the heid oot and just doing a bit of general tinkeringalizing.

Hopefully I can get this off to the framers in Aberdeen this week. One last push! I'm sure that the client has forgotten about it by now.

Looking forward to starting on some wing based work. I think it's probably best that I don't try to be too clever about this. Quite frankly, I lack the brains!

Back to the drawing board

As you may know, I have been asked to donate a couple of postcard sized pieces for charity auction recently. This one is for Edinburgh's fantastic Rock Trust. I can't stress enough how important charities such as this are. Hands in pockets.

This will be part of an exhibition and auction at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. The launch night is Tuesday 28th April in the Traverse Theatre, and the exhibition will run until Saturday 23rd May.

Last year they had some pretty high profile illustrators in there so it should be a corker...and a chance to bag some quality art for your poor excuse for a collection.

This image will probably be the starting point for my next large-ish painting. Once I have dealt with finding a willing model that is.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Having a cracking day so far!

I have spent the day working on images of wings. I am determined to end up with a concise working knowledge of the structure of the wing. Hopefully once I have mastered this a plethora of wing based compositions will come flooding. It's kind of hard to not end up with something cheesy but I am getting there. A bit of lateral thinking has been on the go today. Cheers Mr Edward De Bono and his initially boring book: Lateral Thinking.

I have a beautiful model coming down from far flung Aberdeen next week. I am spending my non studio time attempting to devise compositions in which to place her. It's all a bit wingy!

I will probably spend this evening working on a postcard shaped wing for The Rock Trust charity. Need to get that sent off on Monday. I really hope The Talented Mr Al Heighton is doing this too.

As introspective as facebook is, I have, today, caught up with THE STUPENDOUSLY BRILLIANT PAUL MUZNI!. I knew Paul when he was teaching drawing at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen and he was very nice to me. He is a borderline autistic savant when it comes to using a pencil. I have only just found out that he has a website so I have stuck it in the Talent links. He is a student of one of my favourite artists the late Euan Uglow from the Slade. This guy Muzni really rips it all a new one. He's quite a nice chap too. Che-che-check him oot! I hear he has a show at The Rendezvous Gallery in Aberdeen this year....not to be missed. Proper Painting!
I have contacted Paul to enquire about the aquisition of the featured painting.

Icarus allsorts of stuff going on

Friday, 3 April 2009

Dylan's Blue period

There is a grim harr over Leith today. I'm not sure if this is responsible for me feeling a bit blue but it certainly didn't help.

Regardless of my mood, I had a pretty productive day. I managed to get the washing machine fixed, sort a new TV out with the insurance company and ploughed into the commission with vigour. It looks good.

The hard parts are done now and I can begin glazing in colour and pulling things together. I will probably be in El Studio Diablo all weekend in attempt to get most of this done.

Listened to gangster rap all day and very nearly turned into a misogynist. Well, not that nearly.

Misty and cold

Firstly, Here are a few details on the new postcard charity thing. The Rock Trust works with homeless and disadvantaged young people across the Lothian's. I would like to do more work with this type of charity as it has the potential to dramatically change the paths of young people. It kind of ties in with the work I will be doing as a trustee of The Thomas Wharton Trust in Yorkshire too. Last year they had work donated by the iconic Quentin Blake and the amazingly talented David Shrigley!
Email Becky Duff
Fundraising And PR Assistant
T: 0131 524 9874

Get on it Mr Heighton!

I was tutoring yesterday morning and I am very pleased with what is happening there. See image with scarf. I can't wait to see what he brings in next.

Yesterday was the most beautiful day Scotland has ever seen! I went for a little picnic lunch with my pal Hopey. It was tremendous. Today, however, the weather is very disappointing!

Here's a terrible photo of the commission. It's coming along well.

Peas oot

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Wing wing! WIng Wing!

Had a phone call from The Rock Trust charity this evening. It's another charity auction postcard thing.

Might paint them a wing.

Dolphins were monkeys that didn't like the land?

Not sure who this is by but it's pretty cool.

I popped into El Studio earlier but just couldn't get into work mode. I did a small amount to the commission and buggered off home again. Some days are like that I suppose.

I received a call from a representative of The Thomas Wharton Trust School/college today confirming that they would like me to be on their board of trustees. Four meetings a year and an AGM. Gives me an excuse to pop down to Yorkshire I suppose. It could also lead to other interesting things. The representative of the trust is coming all the way from Yorkshire to speak to me in person. Sounds important!

Tutoring tomorrow morning. I am hoping to impart some knowledge on alla prima painting techniques and colour theory.

I have the rather talented painter Mr Ian Brown (see the Talent links) popping round for a wee blether in a bit and then I'm off to see a man about a Mule.

The Sistine chapel

I have just read in the news that the Sistine Chapel, previously believed to have been Painted by Michelangelo, has been proved to be an elaborate hoax. Using carbon dating techniques, the worlds most famous ceiling has been shown to have been painted in the 1920's.
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