Sunday, 19 April 2009

Bleak House

Here's an old invitation from a show in Aberdeen. 10 team points to the house that can tell me where I stole the pose!

I'm even more ill than yesterday, not in a cool hiphop way either. The Manfluenza is in full effect. By brain aches, my limbs ache, my throat hurts and I'm pretty sure my neck is twice it's normal size. I really wish I had a loving woman to bring me chicken soup and stroke my head. Poor me!

On a brighter note, it is a wonderfully sunny day. I ventured outside to sit by the river for a while... but still felt bleak. Nice to catch a few rays though.

Popped into El Studio Diablo earlier to pick up a wee canvas and a bit of paint. I will try to do a little painting this evening. Don't really feel like it but it's back to the old motivation through guilt scenario.

Need to start thinking about the Doncaster Drugs Rehab graphic design thing tonight too.

Down but not out

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