Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Dolphins were monkeys that didn't like the land?

Not sure who this is by but it's pretty cool.

I popped into El Studio earlier but just couldn't get into work mode. I did a small amount to the commission and buggered off home again. Some days are like that I suppose.

I received a call from a representative of The Thomas Wharton Trust School/college today confirming that they would like me to be on their board of trustees. Four meetings a year and an AGM. Gives me an excuse to pop down to Yorkshire I suppose. It could also lead to other interesting things. The representative of the trust is coming all the way from Yorkshire to speak to me in person. Sounds important!

Tutoring tomorrow morning. I am hoping to impart some knowledge on alla prima painting techniques and colour theory.

I have the rather talented painter Mr Ian Brown (see the Talent links) popping round for a wee blether in a bit and then I'm off to see a man about a Mule.

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