Monday, 27 April 2009

All that Glitters...

The final piece of the creature tryptich!!!!! This has turned out to be a bit of a personal project. I'm not sure if I can let this go to the galleries. The three creatures were always intended to represent aspects of my life, but thematically, they ultimately represent loss. Sounds a bit heavy but I have found it superbly useful.

My Grandfather loved Puffins and would send me a postcard from everywhere he travelled that had these fellas.

I lost my dog at the start of this year. Bull Terriers have always had a place in my heart and are the only replacement I would consider. Ever!

Magpies steal silver and gold things. I lost a silver and gold thing at the start of this year.

I think this is out of my system now, although Puffins might make another appearance.
Just looked back on this Pic'.......pretty chuffed with the head, Even if the photo is a little blurs

I have the fantastical and most spectacularly magical miss Jo Kelly posing for me tomorrow! I hope to be truly blessed with her posy-ness and her amazing banter! And hopefully her ability to eat nice food!

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