Saturday, 4 April 2009

Having a cracking day so far!

I have spent the day working on images of wings. I am determined to end up with a concise working knowledge of the structure of the wing. Hopefully once I have mastered this a plethora of wing based compositions will come flooding. It's kind of hard to not end up with something cheesy but I am getting there. A bit of lateral thinking has been on the go today. Cheers Mr Edward De Bono and his initially boring book: Lateral Thinking.

I have a beautiful model coming down from far flung Aberdeen next week. I am spending my non studio time attempting to devise compositions in which to place her. It's all a bit wingy!

I will probably spend this evening working on a postcard shaped wing for The Rock Trust charity. Need to get that sent off on Monday. I really hope The Talented Mr Al Heighton is doing this too.

As introspective as facebook is, I have, today, caught up with THE STUPENDOUSLY BRILLIANT PAUL MUZNI!. I knew Paul when he was teaching drawing at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen and he was very nice to me. He is a borderline autistic savant when it comes to using a pencil. I have only just found out that he has a website so I have stuck it in the Talent links. He is a student of one of my favourite artists the late Euan Uglow from the Slade. This guy Muzni really rips it all a new one. He's quite a nice chap too. Che-che-check him oot! I hear he has a show at The Rendezvous Gallery in Aberdeen this year....not to be missed. Proper Painting!
I have contacted Paul to enquire about the aquisition of the featured painting.

Icarus allsorts of stuff going on

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