Sunday, 31 May 2009

Next month

These three paintings will be shown at UNION gallery, Broughton Street, Edinburgh next month. It's a brand new Gallery so I am interested to see how things pan out. The paintings are 30x30cm and will be for sale. I will post dates and times when I know more.

I am trying to hold back my larger work for Eton Contemporary Fine Art and The Fraser Gallery in St Andrews who have both been very patient

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Innocent When You Dream

I am toying with the idea of putting squares behind the figure. I will probably have them as a grid type thing with random images in each square. The song 'Innocent When You Dream' by Tom Waits came to mind when I first started this painting.


I have been a lazy bleeder for the past week. Actually, that's not strictly true as I have been doing things. Just not much painting.

I was teaching on Thursday. That's all coming along nicely.

Anyhoo, this is what I have been up to today. I managed to get a lot done considering that El Studio Diablo was as hot as hellfire. Seriously, it was like a furnace in there. I think it has something to do with the fact my part of the studios has a metal roof. Thankfully I do not share a studio so I had the luxury of spending most of the day in my boxer shorts. I actually found it to be quite liberating.

Not complaining about the weather

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Barn dance

The weather did not permit our foray into the criminal we made a giant pyramid in a barn instead. Here is Justin posing with my completed side. More on this later.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Lady Vic parte dos

And one more just because they are AWESOME!

Lady Vic

Here's an awe-inspiring new piece courtesy of my pal Lady Vic over in Canada. Apparently it's inlaid kimono silk and wood. She is rather talented. I will post a link to her website once she pulls her finger out. I will need to aquire one of these masterpieces.

Had a bit of a lazy day today. Pottering (hopping) around the flat seeing to various domestic chores seems to have been my primary achievement. I did a bit of work on a few composition using photoshop and had a look through some old images. I also got wind of a couple of commissions that may be coming my way. I am now up to my ears in commission work. Splendid!

The compositions I have been working on are a bit different to my normal output. I am both excited and daunted by this. I will have to email them about the place to get a few opinions from those who walk the walk.

I am going to be an Electric Eel tomorrow. Shocking!

Monday, 18 May 2009

I am the Box Jellyfish and you sir...are not

I have been channeling the spirit of the Box Jellyfish today. I have been deadly!

I have surprised myself with how much I have achieved today. I spent a few hours working on compositions for larger work, ordered some paint and brushes, ate too much and then started this little beauty 70x70cm. I think it will be splendid. I am tempted to do something new with the background but we shall see. I think I might also paint the sketch from HERE to form a loose diptych.

I'm telling you, this creature channeling is the future. Tomorrow I shall be a....

Chip, chip, chipping away

Another shameful photograph! But it really is just intended to show the tonal values. I have darkened the background a wee bit and am working on the darkest shadow areas in the figure. I am just going to keep tinkering with this until I think it looks right. No stressing and no messing!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

The cusp

Here's a half finished self portrait by my marvelous student Alistair. He's nae bad ken? Quite excited about the way things are progressing. Once we have hammered out the technical side of things I reckon great things will happen.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sun. Sunny. Sunster

I have had an awesome day today. Was at El Studio Diablo relatively early and did a bit of work on the wing painting. Then went for an early lunch with my pal Shai and her beautiful and very well behaved daughter at the Roseleaf in Leith. Shai is my hero.

I had a short afternoon back at the studio punctuated by lots of breaks outside in the sun. A glorious day! It's hard to sit in a windowless studio when the sun is out.

Despite the shortness of my afternoon, I am still working away. I am sat on the balcony of my Leith flat working on compositions and trying to order paint online. Really, I'm just basking in the sun doodling. What better way to spend an afternoon? Awesome!

My life is great at the moment! Thanks for asking.

The Wing painting and the other painting in the last post have been pretty much finished today. I just need to order some paint for the finishing dark glazes. I am working on the next composition. Not sure what to do yet. I have three ideas that are pulling me in a number of directions. All fairly ambitious projects. Will definately draw something out tomorrow and post it for your perusal.

I have been thinking, I don't seem to be getting any constructive critisism or praise on this blog. It would be nice if the folk looking at this would make more comments. I struggle to make sense of what I am doing and would appreciate feedback. I am afterall just making it up as I go.

The image above is a charcoal that was included in my London show in February. The model is the fantastic and splendidly talented figurative painter Miss Clare Morton. Unfortunately, I cannot find a link to her work. She is rather good though.

I am probably burning my deathly pale skin by sat in the sun. Crispy! Thanks for asking!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A thin line between love and hate

Terrible photo! The background is actually one even tone and is a wee bit lighter than shown here. The figure is coming along nicely but I'm still stressing about the way the wing sits with the figure. I am starting to think that a black line may have been a better choice.

I have had a pretty busy day. I was in the studio this morning working on the wing painting. I was on the radio for three hours in the afternoon and then back to the studio until 7pm. Knackered!

I have the talented Sculptor/visual artist Justin Orde to entertain me this evening. Always a surreal pleasure. See his work here... Justin Orde


It all starts again tomorrow...bring it on!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars

I managed to fill in the background and repaint the figure and sheets today. Filling in the background has made it easier to see where the problems lie with this composition. I think it is an issue with the overall tonality. It's not that far from being finished....We shall see tomorrow.

I will probably only get a half day at El Studio Diablo tomorrow as I am doing a radio show from 12-3 on


This is something I have been tinkering around with for a while. Managed to get a fair bit done to it today and I am quite pleased with the way it has turned out. Needs a few highlights in the red and white sheets and that should be it finished. This is a smaller version of a painting that was sold in London at the start of the year.

Busy Bee

As you have probably noticed, I have not got a lot done of late. The main reason for this is that I have got a bloody kidney stone. WHAT NEXT! Perhaps I should take up permanent residence at Edinburgh infirmary?

Kidney stones aside, Here is the progress of the Icarus painting. The figure is coming along nicely but balancing the illustrative nature of the wing diagram is posing a few problems. I have decided to have the wing as a white line drawing against a red-brown background. I'm not entirely sure that this will work but I guess I will try it anyway. I'm quite enjoying this painting. Which is nice.

The work load is back to normal and I have 10 paintings to produce for a couple of busy galleries.

I had a call about a rather interesting commission on Saturday. Sounds challenging. I will post more on this as things progress.

The meeting with the Thomas Wharton community college went well. I am now on the board of trustees and will be involved in helping to steer the college in a more positive direction. Tres exciting!

That's all. I'm awesome, thanks for asking

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Not got much to post today so here's another shot of El Studio Diablo.

I have a meeting with a representative of the Thomas Wharton Trust School today. Should be interesting.

Might post more later

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