Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Lady Vic

Here's an awe-inspiring new piece courtesy of my pal Lady Vic over in Canada. Apparently it's inlaid kimono silk and wood. She is rather talented. I will post a link to her website once she pulls her finger out. I will need to aquire one of these masterpieces.

Had a bit of a lazy day today. Pottering (hopping) around the flat seeing to various domestic chores seems to have been my primary achievement. I did a bit of work on a few composition using photoshop and had a look through some old images. I also got wind of a couple of commissions that may be coming my way. I am now up to my ears in commission work. Splendid!

The compositions I have been working on are a bit different to my normal output. I am both excited and daunted by this. I will have to email them about the place to get a few opinions from those who walk the walk.

I am going to be an Electric Eel tomorrow. Shocking!

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