Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sun. Sunny. Sunster

I have had an awesome day today. Was at El Studio Diablo relatively early and did a bit of work on the wing painting. Then went for an early lunch with my pal Shai and her beautiful and very well behaved daughter at the Roseleaf in Leith. Shai is my hero.

I had a short afternoon back at the studio punctuated by lots of breaks outside in the sun. A glorious day! It's hard to sit in a windowless studio when the sun is out.

Despite the shortness of my afternoon, I am still working away. I am sat on the balcony of my Leith flat working on compositions and trying to order paint online. Really, I'm just basking in the sun doodling. What better way to spend an afternoon? Awesome!

My life is great at the moment! Thanks for asking.

The Wing painting and the other painting in the last post have been pretty much finished today. I just need to order some paint for the finishing dark glazes. I am working on the next composition. Not sure what to do yet. I have three ideas that are pulling me in a number of directions. All fairly ambitious projects. Will definately draw something out tomorrow and post it for your perusal.

I have been thinking, I don't seem to be getting any constructive critisism or praise on this blog. It would be nice if the folk looking at this would make more comments. I struggle to make sense of what I am doing and would appreciate feedback. I am afterall just making it up as I go.

The image above is a charcoal that was included in my London show in February. The model is the fantastic and splendidly talented figurative painter Miss Clare Morton. Unfortunately, I cannot find a link to her work. She is rather good though.

I am probably burning my deathly pale skin by sat in the sun. Crispy! Thanks for asking!

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