Friday, 21 May 2010

Not a bad week at El Studio Diablo

I have had quite a lot on this week.

Alistair the student brought something rather interesting to show me on Tuesday. Topless female goalkeeper is all I am saying. More on this later.

Miss Jane Cormack came down for a chat on Wednesday. Amongst other things, we discussed her new business  Rhythm in Colour which can be found here I think you should check it out as my explanation will undoubtedly not do it justice. You should also check out her other creative outlets. She is a busy girl.

Joshua from The Medici Gallery in London dropped in for a wee natter by the river today. He is a fellow wearer of the Cap of Flatness and a thoroughly nice chap.

I also went to a lecture on synesthesia this week.
Absolutely fascinating stuff!

The Warm weather has yet again turned the studio into a furnace. I'm painting in my pants again so please knock before you enter...or don't if you fancy a laugh.

Here's a bit of progress on the Gemini painting for the UnionGallery exhibition in July. Most of the work is done, the framing has been organised and I am far less stressed than I usually am before a show.

That is all

Diablo Lisle

Monday, 10 May 2010

Sneaky Peek


I'm sorry for being so ridiculously absent. I have been in Tahiti partying with Dan Aykroyd and his new wife Rustie Lee. It was all going well until Howard from Take That turned up with his record bag and started playing Antiguan Shoe Trance. Not Cool! Dan, Rustie and I decided to part ways before the vibe died completely.

So here I am back in the studio.

Here's a sneaky peek at two of the smaller pieces for the McArthur/Lisle showdown in July at UnionGallery. I will not be revealing anything else before the openingThe opening is the 1st of July at some time after 6pm, I suppose. Put it in your diaries and come along with your sunglasses. It will be a blinder.

I have also begun another Gemini painting for this show. No swanning around this time! I will post   more on this painting as it progresses. One or two of you might recognise the model.

Bye for now xx

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