Friday, 21 May 2010

Not a bad week at El Studio Diablo

I have had quite a lot on this week.

Alistair the student brought something rather interesting to show me on Tuesday. Topless female goalkeeper is all I am saying. More on this later.

Miss Jane Cormack came down for a chat on Wednesday. Amongst other things, we discussed her new business  Rhythm in Colour which can be found here I think you should check it out as my explanation will undoubtedly not do it justice. You should also check out her other creative outlets. She is a busy girl.

Joshua from The Medici Gallery in London dropped in for a wee natter by the river today. He is a fellow wearer of the Cap of Flatness and a thoroughly nice chap.

I also went to a lecture on synesthesia this week.
Absolutely fascinating stuff!

The Warm weather has yet again turned the studio into a furnace. I'm painting in my pants again so please knock before you enter...or don't if you fancy a laugh.

Here's a bit of progress on the Gemini painting for the UnionGallery exhibition in July. Most of the work is done, the framing has been organised and I am far less stressed than I usually am before a show.

That is all

Diablo Lisle

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