Monday, 21 June 2010


The Gorgeous and talented painter Alison Auldjo, owner of UnionGallery Edinburgh, has released this image on her website so I suppose I should too. I'm happy happy with this painting now that I have seen it framed. Sometimes the crayons are fully charged.

This image is high resolution so you can probably zoom in once you have clicked on it.

Sometimes the framer at Coburg House Studios is an engineer. I suppose that's why his framing is always perfect. Contact John Gibson on 0131 553 2266. He's quite a nice guy too.

Look out for this at UninioGallery exhibition on 1st july. The model is the Fantastic Amy Mackie.

OK! this one's on the flyer so I suppose I can put this one up too. Again the model is the distinctive Miss Mackie. I think she will be around to sign autographs at the opening night party.

Less stressed and super excited about the showdown. That Patsy McArthur will rue the day...


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