Friday, 9 December 2011

This may help

Here are the colour studies separated. Perhaps that will help?????

Colour studies?????????????????????????????????????????

When I first started this painting I was fairly sure that the three figures would be dressed in white. Having completed the tonal underpainting, I am now unsure. The scale and tonality of the piece at this stage suggests that a bold colour composition would work better. 

I have knocked up a few colour studies using blue and red. I feel that this combination was more in line with the classical vibe of the painting. I am REALLLLY confused now. I'm pretty sure the blue/red/blue doesn't work but I am struggling to choose an alternative.

COMMENTS ARE MOST WELCOME. I genuinely need a hand here. Consensus rules.

Help a brother out

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Shane Couch

Here's a link to my Bud Shane Couch's blog. Primarily a marine artist but I'm pretty sure he could turn his hand to anything. Supremely talented chap and nae a bad sort. Go see!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Well I never

I was doing a bit of research today when I came across this charming painting from the late 1520s by Lorenzo Lotto titled Venus and Cupid

That's a bit rough Cupid!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Righty-ho folks! 
The Coburg House Open studios is this weekend and you are all invited. That's nice eh?.
I will be taking part for once so why not pop by for a nosey at what's occurring in El Studio Diablo. I have a number of pieces for sale at studio prices and my banter is amazing...Leda's too.

This painting simply doesn't want to be finished. 
By the end of the year...I promise.


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Happy Saturday

Allstars Awesome...Done

Auldjo Nails It! DON"T RUN AND HIDE!

I was at the opening of Alison Auldjo's solo show last night. Blimey Guvner! I'm not a massive fan of landscape work but Alison's painterley painty paint paintish thing makes me feel slightly less in touch with my expressive parts. The work makes me wish I was capable of feeling and expressing the world around me as freely as this.

Her worked up and then worked down canvases are grippingly emotive. I loved the way her underpainting bloomed through the opaques of the skies giving a genuine depth. The intricacy of the pencil marks that reinforced the unusual perspectives were something that will also appeal to the technicians amongst us. She's Nae bad.

The work, as a show, is incredibly moving. Especially as I know the journey this installation has taken Alison on. GRAFT! There is a sense of drama to this collection that perhaps was not there previously. The beasts and slightly creepy narrative captivated me. I, personally, feel compelled to visit Alison to ask her to tell me her stories! I cannot recommend this show enough. Amazing work by a sensitive soul. Beautiful! A Must See!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Stillllllllll going

Not got much to say other than bzt! 
Neither has Leda

More on this funny looking prop later...


Sketching Awah Min!

Did this today.

So there!

Then I took this photograph
So there!

Thursday, 27 October 2011


In Greek mythology The Moirai were the goddesses of fate and personified the inescapable destiny of man. They assigned to every person his or her fate or share in the scheme of things. Their name means "Parts." "Shares." or "Allotted Portions."
Klotho, whose name means "Spinner," spun the thread of life. Lakhesis, whose name means "Apportioner of Lots"--being derived from a word meaning to receive by lot--, measured the thread of life. Atropos (or Aisa), whose name means "She who cannot be turned," cut the thread of life.
At the birth of a man, the Moirai spun the thread of his future life, followed his steps, and directed the consequences of his actions according to the counsel of the gods. It was not an inflexible fate; Zeus, if he chose, had the power of saving even those who were already on the point of being seized by their fate. The Fates did not abruptly interfere in human affairs but availed themselves of intermediate causes, and determined the lot of mortals not absolutely, but only conditionally, even man himself, in his freedom was allowed to exercise a certain influence upon them. As man's fate terminated at his death, the goddesses of fate become the goddesses of death, Moirai Thanatoio.
The Moirai were independent, at the helm of necessity, directed fate, and watched that the fate assigned to every being by eternal laws might take its course without obstruction; and Zeus, as well as the other gods and man, had to submit to them. They assigned to the Erinyes, who inflicted the punishment for evil deeds, their proper functions; and with them they directed fate according to the laws of necessity.
As goddesses of birth, who spun the thread of life, and even prophesied the fate of the newly born, Eileithyia was their companion. As goddesses of fate they must necessarily have known the future, which at times they revealed, and were therefore prophetic deities. Their ministers were all the soothsayers and oracles.
As goddesses of death, they appeared together with the Keres and the infernal Erinyes.
The Moirai were described as ugly old women, sometimes lame. They were severe, inflexible and stern. Klotho carries a spindle or a roll (the book of ate), Lakhesis a staff with which she points to the horoscope on a globe, and Atropos a scroll, a wax tablet, a sundial, a pair of scales, or a cutting instrument. At other times the three were shown with staffs or sceptres, the symbols of dominion, and sometimes even with crowns. At the birth of each man they appeared spinning, measuring, and cutting the thread of life.
The Romans called the goddess Parcae and named the three Nona, Decima and Morta.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

slowly goes it

It's going really slowwwwwwwwly so here's a photo of Leda.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I  have nearly finished the tonal painting of the background. Lots of tweaks to be done once the figures have been painted in. I have also begun to paint the fabric of the right hand figure. I'm slightly daunted by the time this is going to take. Blimey!


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Silent but deadly

Haven't posted for a while because I have been cracking on with the big pink painting. It's slow work so I have chosen not to bore you with a stroke by stroke account of my struggle. Here's a photo of the finished painting for the Allstars album cover instead.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The unexpected

Today brought some quite unexpected and dismal news. Without going into the rather inconsequential details, I began thinking about the days events in relation to the painting I am working on. I have been toying with the idea of having the middle Fate (the measure of life) wearing a blindfold.

Who knows? Who's in control? Who'd've thunk it?

Oh well! Here's a poor photo of todays alla prima tonal work.


Monday, 10 October 2011

It's PINK!

Hello. My painting is rather prawny. It's starting to freak me out.

I have finished the lining in indian ink and thrown a few washes of burnt umber over it. The drawing and washes are both pretty loose at the moment but everything will be tightened up with a tonal alla prima layer. Looks pretty shocking at the moment.

Remember the wee show in Aberdeen tomorrow evening.


Sunday, 9 October 2011

Date for the diary

Remember there is a small exhibition of recent work at NO1 restaurant in Aberdeen. There is a wee  opening is 5.30-7.30 on 11th October. Come along for drinks and nibbles.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Ordinary Allstars

Something new from Hasta and the chaps. Will have to pull my finger out and get the EP cover finished.


I have finally managed to get the drawing transferred to the canvas and have begun roughly lining the drawing using indian ink. By lining the drawing I can avoid losing the contours when I apply opaque alla prima in later stages. I am also aiming to retain some of the ground colour to give the painting unity and an underlying warmth.

Leda has been very patient today. I wonder just how long this will last?


Saturday, 1 October 2011

There are a couple of loose ends I'd like to tie up. Nothing important you understand

I have managed to go a whole five days without posting! I have been up to my ears in my own creative juices and have been falling into bed at the end of the day with brain-ache. It's nice to be busy but I have been working a bit obsessively of late so I decided to take the day off yesterday. I spent a gloriously sunny day in The Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh having a bit of a chillaxe then watched the pilot episode of Columbo from 1967. 

Back at the coal-face... I have been tying up a few loose ends for the Aberdeen show on the 11th and planning the big show next year in Edinburgh. Leda and I have been priming everything in sight with a layer of dull red. I plan to begin work on the large three figure painting tomorrow. The composition for this painting is based on the greek mythology of The Fates. I'm quite excited about where it will take me. Here's a wee study for the upper torsos.

All is well

Monday, 26 September 2011

Lots going on.

A letter has been posted to the Anatomy Museum in Edinburgh today. I am hoping to get a day in there with my sketchbook. I really hope this transpires.

I'm hoping to finish up the work for the wee Aberdeen exhibition. The opening is on 11th October from 5.30pm onwards at No1 bar/restaurant, 1 Queens Terrace, Aberdeen, AB101XL in the west end of Aberdeen. All welcome. LINK

I will also be cracking on with the Ordinary Allstars cover work which I suspect is behind schedule.

That is all

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Sunday

Been working on this today. All will be revealed later. 


Saturday, 24 September 2011


Here's my theme tune for tomorrow

That is all

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Was working late at El Studio Diablo again tonight. Finally downed tools at 11pm! I'm like a man possessed. Anyhoo, here's what's occuring...

I have spent most of the day painting the first layer of colour and rendering of the fabric. Pthalo blue and white into a pthalo blue glaze. Once this layer is dry I will glaze again and add the highlights to stop it looking so electrified. Not sure how I will handle the flesh... perhaps I will have a look up Vermeer's sleeve. 

After a bit of a break I can feel things coming back to me. ACE!


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Here's a photo of the latest finished piece for Aberdeen in October. Turned out nae bad.

Here's the composition drawing for the final piece for the Aberdeen show. Alison Auldjo of the UnionGallery makes an appearance yet again.


Friday, 16 September 2011

Surgeons Hall Edinburgh

Yesterday I went to Surgeons hall Museum in Edinburgh to see some amazing specimens and illustrations. They said I had to write a letter if I wanted to see the good stuff though. Much of the things on display to the public are curiosities such as deformed skulls and pretty baffling growths and parasites but generally it was pretty breathtaking. The array of jars containing scary things is something to behold as is the skin from the chest of a sailor complete with ship tattoo and nipples. A recommended experience but not really what I was looking for in terms of anatomical reference.

It would appear that the main anatomy museum in Edinburgh, based at the school of medicine, is closed to the public and only open to it's students. What a bizarre situation. I am going to write them a letter and attempt to get a day in there drawing.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tired and Happy

Lot's of interesting news today and yesterday. All will be revealed in due course.

Finally found a couch for my Studio lounge area. All I need now is a bear skin rug, some obscure art books on the coffee table and a couple of trained penguins to bring me my coffee. 

This is finally coming together. A couple more days and She will be ready for the framer.

Now back to work on the record cover...

Monday, 12 September 2011


Ready for over painting tomorrow. Very tired. 


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Album cover artwork commission

I have been asked to paint the cover for the forthcoming EP (more of a mini album in my opinion) from The Ordinary Allstars LINK

Looks like I will be doing the album cover next year too. Something different to get my teeth into and a break from the old routine LINK

I will post the developments as they happen.

I have been crazy busy today and now my head feels like this!

And I'm going to be at El Studio Diablo until the early hours...AGAIN!

Huge blogpost

I finished up at the studio at 2.30am! It would appear that my creative compulsions have stepped up a gear!
Today has been incredibly busy! Up early for a big walk in the pouring rain with Leda, taught Alistair Walton for a couple of hours, dropped the flatmate off at accident and emergency, ate a couple of sandwiches and then went to the studio. Looking forward to getting back in there tomorrow.

Had a bit of a tidy up at El Studio Diablo this afternoon. Here are some newly organised spaces. Click on the images for a closer look.

 I am looking for a some super kind person to donate an old couch/sofa for the studio!
As I will be spending much more time in the studio I am going to  turn half of the space into a wee chill out/ afternoon nap/eat my lunch/cuddle Leda space. Please help! 
Contact me on 07914817947 or email

 Here's what I have been working on today. Some very basic blocking in. This piece is for a wee show in the west end of Aberdeen in October. I will keep you up to date with dates and Location.

The opening of UnionGallery Edinburgh's Bee inspired exhibition went well on Thursday evening. Alison and Rob yet again pulled off another fascinating show. I would advise you to go and marvel at the diversity of interpretations on the theme. 
I was sent a link to a review of the show. Here's my mention. Shame about the misspelling of my surname but quite an interesting and well considered piece of writing all the same. Click the text for the rest of the review.


Also spotted some updates on my dear friend K M Yule's blog. Go see LINK She has posted up a load of her old work. I had forgotten just how thought provoking this body of work was.

K M Yule 
10 metre long dress
Embossed Latex, Vintage Lace and Beading

Righty then! I should get some sleep. Another busy day tomorrow. Have a meeting about designing an album cover in the morning. Will let you know more as things progress.

Good morning!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bees Knees


Here are the finished Bumble bee pieces for the UnionGallery show that opens 6.30pm tomorrow Thursday the 8th. Should bee a buzzing exhibition It should bee pollen in the crowds so bee there or bee square.


Monday, 5 September 2011

New talent Link Susie Brown

Check out Susiemaroon LINK
Very talented designer friend of mine. If you are looking for one offs and something very different here's the place!!!!

Where is my mind

This is my theme tune for the day. I am feeling a bit blue. Poor Deer. 

Still working on the Bee diptych for UnionGallery Edinburgh. The opening is 6.30pm on Thursday the 8th of September so turn up for a glass of wine, excellent banter and, of course, some amazing interpretations of the bee by some mighty fine artists.

Will post more later

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Buzzy Day

Here is the progress of the bee paintings for UnionGallery Edinburgh. I have drawn them out ready for painting using pencil on triple primed and sanded canvas which will be sealed with a layer of liquin and turpentine. Better get my skates on as the exhibition opens sooner than I thought. Here's the info

Plight of the Bumblebee:
8 September 2011 - 10 October 2011

A fascinating and entertaining mixed exhibition highlighting the problem of the declining bee population and helping to raise funds for research through artwork. Artists as diverse as Jenny Matthews, Janet Melrose, Dylan Lisle, and sculptors Hanna Haworth and Jessica Irena Smith have all produced superb work of a bee-related nature for this exhibition.
20% of the proceeds of the exhibition will be donated to The Bumblebee Conservation Trust.
Union Gallery, located on Edinburgh’s Broughton Street, is to hold an exhibition of art dedicated to the bumblebee and to highlight the decline in its population.  20% of the proceeds of the exhibition will be donated to The Bumblebee Conservation Trust.
‘Plight of the Bumblebee’ is a fascinating exhibition of the highest quality in which some of our finest artists have created bee-related work as a method of highlighting the problem of the declining bee population and of raising funds for research into this critical issue.  Artists as diverse as Derek McGuire, Jenny Matthews, Janet Melrose and Mark Edward, along with New York based sculptor Hannah Haworth and Czech sculptor Marcela Trsova, have all used their considerable talents and their concern about this issue to produce an exceptional and unique exhibition.  All the work has been inspired by the bumblebee, so this exhibition will both amuse and challenge the viewer.
Dr Ben Darvill, Chief Executive of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust says:
‘BBCT are delighted to receive such wonderful support from the Union Gallery in Edinburgh and the artists participating in their upcoming exhibition about the plight of the bumblebee.  This impressive exhibition will not only generate valuable income for the BBCT, but it will also help raise awareness of the issues that our bees face.  Our bees are in trouble and urgently need flower-rich habitats to sustain their populations.  Our conservation and outreach work support our overall vision that one day our communities and countryside will be rich in colourful wildflowers and bees, supporting a diversity of wildlife and habitats for everyone to enjoy.  For more information about the BBCT, please visit
For those who wish to enjoy a superb exhibition whilst, at the same time have the opportunity to support those who are working to stop the decline in the bumblebee population, this is a must-see exhibition.

And here's a few drawings of fellow patients from my recent stint in hospital hotel.

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