Friday, 4 March 2011

3-2-1 and You're back in the room!

I have had a crazy busy day today. I was up at 6am, walked the dog, did an hours exercise, finished most of my accounts, went to the doctor (she said that I had terminal Awesomeness), made a bunch of phonecalls, wrote for an hour and then... sketched this bad boy out. Oh! and then I ate a lasagne. It was nice. Thanks for asking.

What the model is doing is anyone's guess but I rather like it. I think it's kind of puppet/puppeteer-ish or sorcery-ish. I wonder if strings are a step too far?

I also like the fact that I feel newly inspired.

I do hope they don't find a cure for Terminal Awesomeness

Night night
Lots of love
Dylan and Leda
p.s she gave the children back

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