Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Look this up

I have applied a thin but potent velatura of yellow ochre and french vermillion (artist Quality) with a small amount of liquin. Linseed or stand oil (or your own blend) are the preferred choice of medium but liquin has similar, though short lived, qualities and has the added bonus/drawback of being dry within a 24 hour period. This mixture does tend to get sticky over the course of the day so I would advise painting sections. I.e. I have painted the legs as one section and the far arm as another.

The anatomical detail is a bit wishy washy at this stage but will be resolved in the layers to come.

I have worked into this velatura with titanium white and a small amount of naples yellow to work up to the correct values. Soft round brush! I am aware at this stage that subsequent velaturas and 'working up' will ensue. Build a painting not an image! A local colour has been established so that warms. pinks and greys can be worked in. 

It must be noted that I have mixed a velatura AM for the legs and used the same mixture PM. The arms and hands are much cooler due to this mixture going off.

Go play in the road

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