Friday, 11 March 2011

Frantic Friday!

Busy busy day today. Made good headway on the drapery underpainting. Again this is raw umber and titanium white with the wash colour showing in the shadows. I will highlight with white to bring up to the correct tonal value once dry. This is pretty much ready for velatura and opaque colour. 

Had a bit of a tinker with the tonal values of the wash underpainting and threw a bit of colour into the drapery. Blocked in the thingy at the bottom with burnt umber and white to prepare for a decorative design thingy. Thingy thingy thingy.

I received delivery of a few cool things today (One of which is pictured below). A remote control for my digital SLR and a Cool as Funk clinging, grippy, monkey-hand tripod type affair.  I can wait to get a model in and get some extreme camera angles on the go.
I have also found the perfect image of Leda to paint. Will start next week!

Excited by life's possibilities


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