Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Guilder came up gold!

Fraz and I went to see the RSA New Contemporaries exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh today. 2 quid to see yet another bunch of pish pseudo-intellectual twattery. There were, however, a few artists who held our attention. Shaun O'Donnell being the favourite. There's nae much online but here's a LINK. Particularly liked his quite bold use of glazes and his control of half opaques. Disgustingly beautiful. You need to see them in the flesh. 

The signwriter came up trumps again and returned this antique gold lettered painting this afternoon. I will put a wee box round the lettering and stick it in a frame. Job done.

Still working away at this. Tried a few new things here so it's taking a bit longer than expected.  I have worked up the glazes to a more intense ochre than usual and I will glaze the drapery to sit with that. Looks a bit weird but have faith.

Beware Tomorrow....your ass is mine


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