Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Like a tentacle monster

Good evening.
Today has been amazing. Perhaps it is the change of season but I feel energised!

Got to El Studio Diablo nice and early this morning and didn't stop until about 6pm. Went down to sort out a few framing things, had a word with the resident gilder sign writer chap about the next painting and then painted like a tentacle monster. A very productive day!

I had planned to start the opaque layer of underpainting on these two pieces but decided to work on their overall tonality a bit more. Can't wait to get stuck in tomorrow.

Leda is a bit ill today. She did some rather impressive puking this morning and refused her favourite fish breakfast. There she is above looking a bit under the weather. Poor little Leda! I hope she is feeling a bit more chipper tomorrow.

And here's a Tentacle Monster.

Good night.

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