Monday, 27 June 2011

A good start to the week.

Today I have realised that happiness trickles down. If you are happy it transmits itself to others. Being a useful, mindful and energised person will create a field around you that will draw people to you and feed their own energies.

Fair enough, it's not that easy today as it is pishing down, over cast and I have a headache. Still, happy enough in what I am doing.

I gutted and moved the studio around today. Chucked out a load of clutter and a few bits of cumbersome furniture. The place feels lighter and I feel ready to start the work for my upcoming shows. Yeehaa!

Here's a pic of the big red painting in it's lovely new home. There is a large mirror opposite in which the proud owner can see the piece when he wakes up. Quality

 And finally here's a pic of Leda in the newly reorganised studio. 


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