Saturday, 30 July 2011


Happy Saturday. Popped over to El Studio Diablo earlier... It's a sauna. If only it were inhabited by more aesthetically pleasing people than me and Leda.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Here's what's happening!!!!

I have set up the BIGGIE and started the prep drawing

I have been wearing big specs and looking facetious 

I have drawn this out for the second time

I am thinking about how these paintings form a whole show

Broken and fixed

Diablo is buzzing

My new Lisle-o-fax

Peace out hot dogs


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Unexpected gift

Here's what I found waiting for me at the Studio the other day. A Present! 
The talented Mr Ian Moir had been using the gallery space in the building and he left me this on his departure. What a super nice thing to do for someone you have just met. ACE! And here's a LINK to some more of Ian's beautiful work. It would appear that he is a pretty prolific chap.

And here's a photo of Leda enjoying the sun.


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Still chipping away

Nearly ready for glazes and other tickles.

Hope to start a huge painting next week.

That is all


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Interesting day.

Here's what happened at the studio this afternoon.

Bring on tomorrow


Thursday, 14 July 2011

slow day

Today has been a bit slow. I have started redrawing this on very fine grained linen as the hole could not be repaired.

 I have cut it from the canvas and cut away sections of the areas surrounding the figure. I will fix it to a panel and probably make a study of it to explore a few ideas I have had recently. Mainly exploring different textures, painting methods and a wee bit of a foray into gold leaf territory. I think I will try to use it as a piece for the next show... if it works.

I have also tickled the new red one and think it looks a bit chinese. I will run with this.

There was a bag of tennis balls awaiting us at the studio this morning courtesy of Alistair "Andy Murray" Walton. Leda was very pleased.

That is all

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Roughed up

Managed to get a fairly rough underdrawing of this little gem done today. Long hot day at the furnace. I left tired, elated and definitely excited about getting the first stage of underpainting done tomorrow. In your smug little face Tuesday! IN YOUR FACE!

I'm Going to watch the Dudley Moore version of Bedazzled now and fall into a deep and contented sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

Here's what has been occurring with the new student. Early stages but I think she is finally settling down to some work. Hardly heard a peep out of her today until she stated that she was going to get some lunch... to which I replied it's nearly six o'clock. I love to see people so absorbed that they, quite literally, lose the whole day inside their own headspace. This is a truly shameful photo but it goes some way to illustrate her historical references. The background is taken from Leonardo. Better photo tomorrow.

My talented Student/disciple Alistair Walton popped by with a couple of masterpieces today. He is dusting off his speach/lecture/talky skills for his slot at the Pittenweem Arts festival in August. Frighteningly confident. I hope all that can take a trip to this event.

That is all


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Student Time

Here's a pic of Nat my new student at El Studio Diablo... She talks too much and should paint more!!!!!!!!! Glad she is having fun though!

Here's a pic of the scruffy Lisle and Leda in teaching mode. Look at her wonky inquisitive head... and mine for that matter... looks a bitty pinhead

Here's what I have been attempting to concentrate on. And yes there is a huge tear in the canvas! Tomorrow should be interesting. A problem has turned into a new idea! I am a big fan of optimism at the moment! 

WHoaaaaaa my heid be mince min!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Heard this for the first time today!

This very nearly had me in tears  today.

Such brilliantly written and heartfelt lyrics 

40 thousand hits to the blog! Whooo hooo!

Here's the progress of the newish painting. I don't think I'm going to do much more to it.

The Russian/Norwegian student has started her first painting. Not much to report just yet. 

Monday, 4 July 2011

Thought for the day


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sweaty and smelly but happy.

Yes you guessed it! El Studio Diablo is uncomfortably hot. I suspect the devil has set up camp behind a pile of bubble wrap and is torturing me with intense heat. Need to find another fan to avoid my new student  perishing from heat stroke.

I have got a lot done to the latest painting today. Left the studio at 10pm feeling satisfied with the days work.
I have applied a velatura of vermillion and yellow ochre to the underpainting and worked into it with white and naples yellow. I will deal with subtleties of colour tomorrow using transparent glazes on the highlight areas and opaque tinted greys for the reflected light and colour in the shadow areas. I will then strengthen the darks and tweak the whole thing with various coloured glazes and scumbles.

Not too sure what to do with the background. I have a few ideas but can't decide which one to use. It's getting there though.

My new Russian from Norway student arrives tomorrow evening so a bit of a tidy up tomorrow.

That is all

Saturday, 2 July 2011


I am waiting for the new piece to fully dry before I start working in some colour. Might pop over and check it later. I fully intend to take advantage of the sun in Edinburgh today. I think I should get as much of it on my borderline studio-albino body as possible before it starts raining again.

I spotted this truly baffling piece of unpleasantness earlier. I am quite frightened and worried by the warped understanding of human saucy bits. However, it did make me chuckle. How childish I am!

Will post something a bit more grown up later once I have achieved something.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Something worth seeing

Here's a link to my pal Emily Moir's Etsy store. I really quite fancy owning one of these bad boys... or one of the prints. Go check it out here LINK

 That is all

Another ropey photo.

Here's a photo of the underpainted figure. Not too exciting I know but that's the tricky part out of the way. Time to get some colour in there.

I have just had confirmation that I will be welcoming a visitor from Norway to El Studio Diablo on Monday. A month long intensive period of instruction. This should be fun. I need to get my teaching head on I reckon.

Here is one of her studies. I think I can work with that. Watch this space for future developments.

I am open to taking a couple of students into El Studio Diablo twice a year. Please feel free to drop me an email if this would appeal to you.

That is all for now
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