Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Roughed up

Managed to get a fairly rough underdrawing of this little gem done today. Long hot day at the furnace. I left tired, elated and definitely excited about getting the first stage of underpainting done tomorrow. In your smug little face Tuesday! IN YOUR FACE!

I'm Going to watch the Dudley Moore version of Bedazzled now and fall into a deep and contented sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

Here's what has been occurring with the new student. Early stages but I think she is finally settling down to some work. Hardly heard a peep out of her today until she stated that she was going to get some lunch... to which I replied it's nearly six o'clock. I love to see people so absorbed that they, quite literally, lose the whole day inside their own headspace. This is a truly shameful photo but it goes some way to illustrate her historical references. The background is taken from Leonardo. Better photo tomorrow.

My talented Student/disciple Alistair Walton popped by with a couple of masterpieces today. He is dusting off his speach/lecture/talky skills for his slot at the Pittenweem Arts festival in August. Frighteningly confident. I hope all that can take a trip to this event.

That is all


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