Saturday, 1 October 2011

There are a couple of loose ends I'd like to tie up. Nothing important you understand

I have managed to go a whole five days without posting! I have been up to my ears in my own creative juices and have been falling into bed at the end of the day with brain-ache. It's nice to be busy but I have been working a bit obsessively of late so I decided to take the day off yesterday. I spent a gloriously sunny day in The Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh having a bit of a chillaxe then watched the pilot episode of Columbo from 1967. 

Back at the coal-face... I have been tying up a few loose ends for the Aberdeen show on the 11th and planning the big show next year in Edinburgh. Leda and I have been priming everything in sight with a layer of dull red. I plan to begin work on the large three figure painting tomorrow. The composition for this painting is based on the greek mythology of The Fates. I'm quite excited about where it will take me. Here's a wee study for the upper torsos.

All is well

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