Saturday, 12 November 2011

Auldjo Nails It! DON"T RUN AND HIDE!

I was at the opening of Alison Auldjo's solo show last night. Blimey Guvner! I'm not a massive fan of landscape work but Alison's painterley painty paint paintish thing makes me feel slightly less in touch with my expressive parts. The work makes me wish I was capable of feeling and expressing the world around me as freely as this.

Her worked up and then worked down canvases are grippingly emotive. I loved the way her underpainting bloomed through the opaques of the skies giving a genuine depth. The intricacy of the pencil marks that reinforced the unusual perspectives were something that will also appeal to the technicians amongst us. She's Nae bad.

The work, as a show, is incredibly moving. Especially as I know the journey this installation has taken Alison on. GRAFT! There is a sense of drama to this collection that perhaps was not there previously. The beasts and slightly creepy narrative captivated me. I, personally, feel compelled to visit Alison to ask her to tell me her stories! I cannot recommend this show enough. Amazing work by a sensitive soul. Beautiful! A Must See!

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