Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Work Experience?

This is Sam the Work Experience slave. He is working with me in the studio this week in an attempt to gain some relevant experiences of working life. I stifle a chuckle at this juncture. He is doing Scottish Highers  next (A level equivalent I think) so still has some time to figure out an easier way to make a living than being a visual artist. It's been such a long time since I did my work experience in a theatre in Yorkshire that I had forgotten that daunting time of life when one is faced with important choices about the future. He seems like a bright lad and I'm sure he will be fine.

Can't use a staple gun for shit though.

He has worked hard so far and has made me two very well primed canvases. It kind of makes me want an assistant or apprentice fulltime.

I will have work at The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, London  Thursday to Sunday this week  25-28 October 2012, Battersea, London.  I will be showing with The Balman Gallery Here's a couple of LINK LINKS

There Will also be the Edinburgh Art Fair soon and The Coburg House Open studios coming up soon for some bargains. More on that laters min. 


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Visitors long overdue!

 Here's Shai and Daisy mocking Leda! She deserves it. 

 And here's Daisy dancing with her wand.

And here is Daisy's masterpiece

Here are some crude shots of unfinished/abandoned work... feedback might be good?

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Strange things are afoot at El Studio Diablo.

I had a strange visitor today

Watch this space...


Sunday, 7 October 2012

It's been a while...

 Here's what has just fallen off the easel. I am working on a number of smaller pieces for the Edinburgh Art Fair. A few of my more talented associates and I will have a stall there in November so please come and see us. A bargain or two may be found.

I am just back from Poznan in Poland where I was visiting my talented artist friend John Vanston Smyth. Here is a photo of me, Edinburgh cityscape artist Gareth Beare and Mr Smyth in front of the Palace in Rogalin. They had rather inconveniently closed their public collection to the public. Well done Poznan!

I found this photo lurking on the internet the other day. Here's Fife Provost Jim Leishman telling MSP John Park, Coburg Studio's Mastermind John Gibson and myself a story... or was it a lesson in kungfu? 

That's all Folks!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Photo shoot for The Lucy Zambers EP

Wednesday evening was spent in the delightful company of Aberdeen based singer songwriter Lucy Zambers. She and her manager - my good friend The Mule - drove down to El Studio Diablo to work on the cover for Lucy's forthcoming EP.

I'm still not sure where the final image is going but there was an anvil, a man dressed in a skeleton costume wearing a monkey mask and Lucy was covered in black paint. Not your average Wednesday evening to be sure.

Here's one of the first shots. Things got a bit stranger after this.

I think Lucy was having murderous thoughts.


Saturday, 22 September 2012

I've got you under my skin

 I went to a lecture on Psychotropic drugs at Edinburgh University on Thursday evening. It was a fascinating hour but I could not help wish that they had made it a series of lectures and covered a bit more ground.

There was a small reception held in the Anatomy Museum afterwards. RESULT!

Rabbie Burns' skull

I would dearly like to own this specimen. Anyone good at cat-burglary?

And here's Leda being spooky.


Friday, 14 September 2012

A Fairly Chilled Day

As you can see, El Studio Diablo had a pretty chilled out vibration today. The Poochers were monging out to Amon Tobin and generally being well behaved.

I began work on this wee painting today and I am liking it's simplicity.

That is all
Lots of love 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Exhibition Friday 14th

Just realised that this post will not display correctly. Here's a link instead. LINK

This is one show preview that you genuinely do not want to miss out. On Friday 14th of September, 6-8pm, our Marc ChagalPreview Weekend begins. Please come along and see these wonderful, whimsical prints by this iconic 20th Century artist and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine as you look around. The Preview Weekend continues on Saturday (10-5) and Sunday (11-4). Luscious originals from Scottish artist Dylan Lisle complement the mystical Chagalls, alongside Durham artist Alastair Lovett’s gritty seascapes featuring the North Eastern coastline.

And a reminder that Balman Gallery is opening Balman Gallery@Discovery Museum in Blandford Square, Newcastle, in October, presenting renowned 'Northern Artists'. Top ‘North East Artists’ make up the first show, including Mary Ann Rogers, John Coatsworth, Sue MoffittGavin Penn, Alan Reed, Jim EdwardsNatalie Bell and Alastair Lovett.

Image features Marc Chagall's 'Solomon', 35 x 26 cm, Lithograph, £950
'Art seems to me to be a state of soul more than anything else,' Marc Chagallbelieved, and that is clear from looking at his work. This is a fantastic opportunity to view and buy Chagall’s prints: prices start at a few hundred pounds. This superb range of Chagall's lithographs and etchings includes works from the ‘Bible’, ‘Paris’ and ‘Jerusalem’ series. Marc Chagall’s best-known works include a window for New York’s United Nations building and murals for its Metropolitan Opera House. The Louvre, Paris, exhibited Chagall in 1977. He particularly loved lithography as an art form: 'Whenever I bent over the lithography stone...it was as though I was touching a talisman. It seemed as though I could pour all my sadness and joys into it'. The exhibition features many stunning lithographs, such as the 'Solomon' lithograph above from the Bible series. Marc Chagall’s work has been increasingly collectable since his death in 1985.

Marc Chagall 'Homage to Julien Cain' Lithograph £350
Dylan Lisle's dreamy figures complement the mystical Chagalls perfectly. There is a suprising amount of overlap in the subjects favoured by the two artists and this range of Dylan's new paintings feature angel figures, nudes and women holding birds.

Dylan Lisle studied Fine Art at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. He admires Dutch artists, Vermeer and Rembrandt. Dylan's figures share the light, creamy beauty of Vermeer’s, yet his use of colour is stunning, like Chagall's. The striking poses give a 21st Century edge to Dylan's work. Dylan Lisle has been widely exhibited in London, Edinburgh and New York.  This popular, romantic artist rightly prides himself on both skill and technique.This is how he describes his work: ‘My work begins with the observation of light and shadow on the model. An admiration of figurative art from the 14th and 15th centuries leads me to favour dramatic chiaroscuro lighting and the inclusion of areas of drapery. This choice of lighting lends itself particularly well to dark and moody paintings’.

Dylan Lisle 'Mouse' Oil on Canvas £2500

Alastair Lovett’s work forms a vital part of the September show. Alastair’s atmospheric oils capture the colour and light of our North Eastern landscape perfectly, making him very popular with collectors.The industrial past of the North Eastern region fascinates Alastair and frequently figures in his original oil paintings. These oils capture the details and atmosphere of the post industrial North East landscape, with its cold, washed grey skies and sandy beaches. Sea coaling, pigeon coops and fishing boats feature in these distinctively North Eastern oils. Highly skilled, Alastair's background includes both wood engravinng and print making.

Alastair is planning to make it to the Preview Weekend, so come along to the gallery on the weekend of the 14th September to see his work, and Dylan's, and the fabulous Marc Chagall prints!

Alastair Lovett, 'Sea Coaling at North Gare', 104 cm x 74 cm, Framed, Oil on Canvas, £1250
Jim Edwards, 'Night Tyne Bridges', £265, Limited Edition Print of 145, 65 cm x 60 cm
Natalie Bell, 'Two Jugs', £295, 23 cm x 24 cm, Acrylic on Board
'Augusta' Sue Moffitt, Oil on Linen, £1870, 80cm x 80cm
Copyright © Balman Gallery

Our mailing address is:
2 Town Hall Buildings
Princes Street
NE45 5AD

Monday, 3 September 2012



I have finally settled into working in the new studio and have found having all that extra space quite difficult to get used to. I have started work on a small show of charcoal drawings and I'm happy to just meander along this route for a while and enjoy the new space.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Receiving belated birthday gifts is a great way to start the day.

My mate Tim came to the studio bright and early and built me this amazing rack as a birthday gift.

Then my mate Kirsty came to the studio and gave me a huge homemade Lasagne as a birthday gift. 

Then my wee Brother is visiting this afternoon with my brand new niece Lilly. 
Today is a good one.

The new studio is very nearly complete. Here's the progress so far...  I have worked my nuts off to get this far and there is still so much to do. Believe me, It is very different to how it was before.

Need to get rid of this red chair. I have just realised that I have only painted half of the window frame.

That is all

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The busy week

Here's The Fantastic writer and all round smooth man Mr Michael Keeble. When visiting the Royal Burgh Mike always makes time to see me. He popped down to the new and partially finished studio on his seaward travels to pick up a new addition to his collection. I have known Mike for a shocking 18 years and he has never failed to encourage me in my creative pursuits. Total Legend. Check his talent here LINK

Here is Janice Curless. I spent a wonderful, if not slightly too warm and long, day with her in Toryglen in Glasgow. It was my birthday and I decided to spend it at the Gala day with lots of kids making arty stuff. It was fun and spending time with The Janice was great but I think next birthday I will hide under the bed. Janice is also a spectacularly talented painter who devotes a huge amount of time to great things like THIS

Will post some painty stuff tomorrow and will probably clean the lens on the old camera phone too.

Friday, 3 August 2012


I did this today. It was nice.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Roddy Bloody Easson! Pitch perfect as usual!

Just had a chat with my old Uni friend Mr Roddy Easson. He is working on a graphic novel based on Charles Bukowski and Ham on Rye. I think the right level of humour and drama will be present. Check out Big-tiger.co.uk the man is a draughtsmanamatic machine. 
Really look forward to the completion of this adaptation. 

Also went to a display of motorbike madness today. These guys were at least 30 feet in the air doing proper crazy stuff. My heart was in my baws-mouth! Amazing stuff! Even the dog was watching. I have not been on a bike since my youth but these guys were the bravest or daftest in town. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gZ5lOgG-o4 think it was these guys.

Friday, 27 July 2012

A Very Selfish Man!

El Studio Diablo welcomed the nonstopcrazyartmachine! That is Chewit Self this evening! My head is spinning! This guy is something else! Had a great chinwag about the inner workings of "the creative type" and threw some ideas at a collaborative painting involving meat and other fairly weird things. Watch this space... once I get him back on this planet! 
Leda seemed to like Chewit. She just sat next to him and didnae try to kick his heid in once. A first for a Diablo guest! 
Check The Self Love Here LINK and facebook LINK
A Dynamic Genius!

That is all
X Leda

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Busy Times for all concerned!

I popped into Edinburgh Painterly Genius Steph Rew's studio t'other day. She's been disgustingly prolific as usual. Here she is in front of what can only be described as a work of absolute mastery. I suspect that is a look of smugness on her face as this painting is perhaps the most accomplished and technically proficient thing I have seen in Britain. I kind of wish I had not gone to visit!

Here's a better image lifted from Steph's site. I am sure you will agree, the close tones, command of colour and Sargent-like brushwork are brutally honest, yet sufficiently romantic to make this a modern masterpiece. I do wish her hands would fall off!

I had a rethink about the composition of this piece. Stanley Knife says yes!
I felt weird discarding the other two figures. I reckon that once reworked, this will be a nice enough painting.

Here's a dodge photo of the piece I have just done for a bar down in London town's trendy Shoreditch. Here's the bar itself. Looks alright. Would Definately have a half shandy in there!
Is this email not displaying correctly? Try the web version.

July 2012

m: 07956 872 015

Golden Bee - Hoxton
There’s a new face in town, “Golden Bee” set above the Shoreditch skyline it boasts a 1st Floor  - main bar with a club lounge with the added advantage of having its own roof top terrace with panoramic views.

Club - lounge
Grapes Design also produced the first ever seen “Shot Glass” lighting system, Darren says - “ I’ve always wanted to pursue the idea of utilising glassware, shot glasses lend themselves as a decorative shade, facets on the glass reflect & refract the light in a seductive manner when lit , perfect for a bar environment.

"We have created a perfect destination bar lying within easy reach of the city, the terrace will rival any roof-top bar e.g – The Boundary, Shoreditch House without the pretense or membership restrictions”.

Unique to the venue - Chain Chandelier 8m drop,LED Bottle trees,club chairs & tables.

m: 07956 872 015

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