Friday, 6 January 2012

You Don't Call Me Anymore

Yes, I ken I hav'nae been posting of late! Here is possibly the most ropey photie I have posted to date. My camera phone thingy must be clarted with magic pocket dust. You get the idea though?

This is the start of an underpainting for a dyptich for my forthcoming show at UnionGallery in Edinburgh. I'm at a loss on how to explain how it fits in with the overall plan for the show but bear with me. It USUALLY comes together as a coherent body of work in the end.

I have been fairly busy in my absence from blogland. I am still working on the three figure painting but it has to be finished this coming week as the studios are receiving a visit from a very special kind of visitor. More on this later. Other than that I have been working on a fairly involved commission which may be revealed if the client is happy enough to let me.

Peace and love and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all

lots of love
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