Thursday, 12 July 2012


Beep Beep Bee Painting! Here's me progress me hearties! It's coming on nicely but I may have to refer to the CAD rendering of the bar interior to make sure the painting is sympathetic to the colour scheme.

It's nae easy painting a Bee this size ken? Oh! and they want me to paint a tiara on it's little insect swede! I am feeling a bit surreal in general... this doesnae help.

I am also attempting to put together some new work for my forthcoming appearance at The Balman Gallery in September. I have not made things easy for myself this year!!!!!!!!!!  Here's a link to the gallery LINK They have a blindingly good selection of artistic fodder!

It does seem a bit like all work and no play at the moment. I am in dire need of a relaxing holiday. If anyone knows of a villa with a pool that could be borrowed please let me know. My head is imploding!

Yours implodingly
Mr Lisle and Miss Leda

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