Monday, 2 July 2012

A Cerebral Visitor and a horrific TV spot

The acclaimed author and good friend of mine, Richard Purden paid a visit to El Studio Diablo today. The much published P-Daddy's purpose was to interview my humble self for a piece about my new body of work at the UnionGallery.  Armed with his digital recorder Richard spent the afternoon expertly filtering out what was relevant from my stream of self conscious and sometimes confused babble. I actually felt great afterwards. I felt that discussing my work with someone who understands the lone struggle of  "us creative types" as well as having the agenda to write a piece was very rewarding. It was almost like a therapy session. Boy this guy is good... or is he evil? 

Anyhoo great guy. Buy his last book here LINK It's a book on Celtic FC supporters from all over the world. It's not about Football. His work as a music journalist can be found in my last post.

Here is a link to my FUCKING! disastrous, humiliating, self inflating, momentarily misinformed and quite honestly baffling appearance on Scottish Television STV. I'm truly so ashamed and cringed-out by this that it's surely worth a giggle! LINK

Bloody good day today though
Stuff for exhibition is framed and photographed. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! 

That is All 

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