Thursday, 19 July 2012

Busy Times for all concerned!

I popped into Edinburgh Painterly Genius Steph Rew's studio t'other day. She's been disgustingly prolific as usual. Here she is in front of what can only be described as a work of absolute mastery. I suspect that is a look of smugness on her face as this painting is perhaps the most accomplished and technically proficient thing I have seen in Britain. I kind of wish I had not gone to visit!

Here's a better image lifted from Steph's site. I am sure you will agree, the close tones, command of colour and Sargent-like brushwork are brutally honest, yet sufficiently romantic to make this a modern masterpiece. I do wish her hands would fall off!

I had a rethink about the composition of this piece. Stanley Knife says yes!
I felt weird discarding the other two figures. I reckon that once reworked, this will be a nice enough painting.

Here's a dodge photo of the piece I have just done for a bar down in London town's trendy Shoreditch. Here's the bar itself. Looks alright. Would Definately have a half shandy in there!
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July 2012

m: 07956 872 015

Golden Bee - Hoxton
There’s a new face in town, “Golden Bee” set above the Shoreditch skyline it boasts a 1st Floor  - main bar with a club lounge with the added advantage of having its own roof top terrace with panoramic views.

Club - lounge
Grapes Design also produced the first ever seen “Shot Glass” lighting system, Darren says - “ I’ve always wanted to pursue the idea of utilising glassware, shot glasses lend themselves as a decorative shade, facets on the glass reflect & refract the light in a seductive manner when lit , perfect for a bar environment.

"We have created a perfect destination bar lying within easy reach of the city, the terrace will rival any roof-top bar e.g – The Boundary, Shoreditch House without the pretense or membership restrictions”.

Unique to the venue - Chain Chandelier 8m drop,LED Bottle trees,club chairs & tables.

m: 07956 872 015

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