Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Weegie wonderland

Had a photo shoot for a portrait in Glasgow this weekend and managed to catch up with the rather lovely and talented Janice Curless , artist/educator Iain Connell, painter Iain Carby and musician/lazy  artist Steven Urquhart.
All went well until I fell asleep on the Glasgow to Ediburgh train and ended up back in Glasgow... im now in Edinburgh at my pal Kirsty's pad until I can get a train to Yorkshire tomorrow. bummer.

Janice is lovely


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

still working on the big red

Still chipping away at the big red painting and will post pics when it's more interesting.

Distracting myself with wee portraits. here's one I started today. will do an hour each morning and see what happens.


Goings on

Still haven't come up with a name for this sexy fox. Not sure whether to give it a male or female monicker. 

Temporary studio is looking a little more lived in.


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tattoo Convention

I have spent the past two days at a charity tattoo convention in York researching the scene. Here's what's been happening...

Here's the Prophecy stand complete with beautiful assistants. Kelvin is hard at work torturing the inner thigh of a crazy/brave man. I set up my portrait at the front of the stand and pretty much finished it while Mr Slack was working his magic. 

Here's the VERY,very early stages of the Exorcist Tattoo. 

I found the Scooby Doo van and my inner child went bonkers!

Iron Man tried it on... I battered him.

Man at work

Here's the maestro's finished Tattoo for Saturday which in my opinion should have won best in show.

Then went and felt all tragic and lonely in a double hotel room and ate a McD's. 

 Here's how my portrait turned out. The colours look a bit funny for some reason though

Twas a good weekend


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

24 hour Emergency Call out

I have never been much of a fan of sleeping. Which is just as well as shortly after 1 am this morning I received a call from a decidedly stressed Mr Slack of Prophecy Tattoo imploring me to come and help him with a technical painting problem. With the deadline for the completion of his first mixed technique oli painting looming, he is obviously feeling the pressure. Mr Slack has been building a pair of hands using layers of velatura and opaques and had hit the wall of self doubt. I would suggest that this is not entirely surprising as he had just worked a thirteen hour day of tattooing and painting. He's a man obsessed with anything creative but sometimes there's only so much a brain can process. 

Heres another dodgy photo of my very first attempt at tattooing. As I expected, Human skin and vibrating tattoo machines are very different to brush and canvas and I too am becoming obsessive about aquiring this skill. There are many, many things to learn other than simply injecting ink into skin. Excitement building....

I am off to the Ink For Heroes Tattoo Convention on saturday to display some paintings and generally watch and learn from the hundreds of talented artists. Here's a LINK to the convention fundraiser site. Here is one of the paintings I will be taking along.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Enough is enough!

Last piece of the skull triptych. just need to tart it up a bit for a tattoo convention.

Seeing red

I have been asked by a gallery in Scotland to do another one of these big red paintings. I have been working on it whilst visiting Yorkshire but there are more than a few distractions. will finish it next week and post the results.


Saturday, 15 June 2013

A wee heads up

I'm really enjoying this skull mallarky. It's quite useful to go back to basics and study the structure of the head again. I plan to add a few tattoo designs to the surrounding dark areas and then put them in chunky frames. Fingers crossed they will go down well at the York Tattoo convention on the 22nd where they will be exhibited at the Prophecy Tattoo stall. There should also be mean looking portrait of the tattoo artist himself...
More on this later.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

interestingly stressful day... but with some nice bits

Had a bit of a stressy morning but when I arrived at the studio some angelic person had left me an unbelievably thoughtful gift. Not sure what to name him yet.but he's super cool! THANKS!!!!!

Then I reworked yesterdays abomination of a painting. I'm doing three skull paintings with a tattooish vibe for York Tattoo convention on the 22nd. Just to see what the response is. Here's the underpainting finished. more tomorrow. 


Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Today Was a good day

First proper day in new studio at Prophecy Tattoo! It is so ridiculously chilled! Being able to see the sky from my window is awesome! Especially as the weather is great for once. Very positive environment indeed. Who would have thought Edlington could be sunny and productive!

Anyhoo! as I mentioned before, the tattoo artist Mr Slack and I are swapping skills and as of tomorrow the game is officially ON! We will start with the same canvas, ground and materials. I hope I dont get an ass whippin here! Here's a photo of Kelv's Nemesis!

I am going to show him the mixed technique that I have developed from the study of older masters. Mr Slack is going to show me how to ink skin without drilling peoples limbs off and making them cry.

In all seriousness, Kelvin and I had a little photo session the other night and came up with some pretty cool images of hands. Mr Slack intends to do an oil painting triptych of hands and tattoo machines, Should be pretty sweet. Unless he turns out to be really, really, really, really shit. I am convinced, with a heavy heart, that this will not be the case. Slightly worried.

Here's the piece I am using to show Mr Slack my technique. I intend to hold back until he is at the same point and of the same understanding before I apply any real paint. Yes his arms are that big by the way!

This will all make sense once I have blocked a few darker tones in.

Much love

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Temporary S-S-Studio

I'm in Yorkshire for a while whilst I recover from the shock of realising that I am an all round Tubular Bell. I am trying to use my time here constructively and spend as much time learning new skills. Tattooing, driving and Spanish are top of the list. I will be travelling to Edinburgh every now and again on arty business, so if you want to meet please give me plenty of notice.

Being away from Edinburgh does not mean things have ground to a halt. My involvement with painting is ever-present and I need to keep on top of my commitments to galleries and private clients.

For once good luck has visited me and I have been offered the back room at Prophecy Tattoo to use as my painty lair. It's quite nice. It has a window and I can see the sky! I set up a few things today and it kind of looks studioish already


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