Wednesday, 19 June 2013

24 hour Emergency Call out

I have never been much of a fan of sleeping. Which is just as well as shortly after 1 am this morning I received a call from a decidedly stressed Mr Slack of Prophecy Tattoo imploring me to come and help him with a technical painting problem. With the deadline for the completion of his first mixed technique oli painting looming, he is obviously feeling the pressure. Mr Slack has been building a pair of hands using layers of velatura and opaques and had hit the wall of self doubt. I would suggest that this is not entirely surprising as he had just worked a thirteen hour day of tattooing and painting. He's a man obsessed with anything creative but sometimes there's only so much a brain can process. 

Heres another dodgy photo of my very first attempt at tattooing. As I expected, Human skin and vibrating tattoo machines are very different to brush and canvas and I too am becoming obsessive about aquiring this skill. There are many, many things to learn other than simply injecting ink into skin. Excitement building....

I am off to the Ink For Heroes Tattoo Convention on saturday to display some paintings and generally watch and learn from the hundreds of talented artists. Here's a LINK to the convention fundraiser site. Here is one of the paintings I will be taking along.

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