Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tattoo Convention

I have spent the past two days at a charity tattoo convention in York researching the scene. Here's what's been happening...

Here's the Prophecy stand complete with beautiful assistants. Kelvin is hard at work torturing the inner thigh of a crazy/brave man. I set up my portrait at the front of the stand and pretty much finished it while Mr Slack was working his magic. 

Here's the VERY,very early stages of the Exorcist Tattoo. 

I found the Scooby Doo van and my inner child went bonkers!

Iron Man tried it on... I battered him.

Man at work

Here's the maestro's finished Tattoo for Saturday which in my opinion should have won best in show.

Then went and felt all tragic and lonely in a double hotel room and ate a McD's. 

 Here's how my portrait turned out. The colours look a bit funny for some reason though

Twas a good weekend


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