Sunday, 2 June 2013

Temporary S-S-Studio

I'm in Yorkshire for a while whilst I recover from the shock of realising that I am an all round Tubular Bell. I am trying to use my time here constructively and spend as much time learning new skills. Tattooing, driving and Spanish are top of the list. I will be travelling to Edinburgh every now and again on arty business, so if you want to meet please give me plenty of notice.

Being away from Edinburgh does not mean things have ground to a halt. My involvement with painting is ever-present and I need to keep on top of my commitments to galleries and private clients.

For once good luck has visited me and I have been offered the back room at Prophecy Tattoo to use as my painty lair. It's quite nice. It has a window and I can see the sky! I set up a few things today and it kind of looks studioish already


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