Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Today Was a good day

First proper day in new studio at Prophecy Tattoo! It is so ridiculously chilled! Being able to see the sky from my window is awesome! Especially as the weather is great for once. Very positive environment indeed. Who would have thought Edlington could be sunny and productive!

Anyhoo! as I mentioned before, the tattoo artist Mr Slack and I are swapping skills and as of tomorrow the game is officially ON! We will start with the same canvas, ground and materials. I hope I dont get an ass whippin here! Here's a photo of Kelv's Nemesis!

I am going to show him the mixed technique that I have developed from the study of older masters. Mr Slack is going to show me how to ink skin without drilling peoples limbs off and making them cry.

In all seriousness, Kelvin and I had a little photo session the other night and came up with some pretty cool images of hands. Mr Slack intends to do an oil painting triptych of hands and tattoo machines, Should be pretty sweet. Unless he turns out to be really, really, really, really shit. I am convinced, with a heavy heart, that this will not be the case. Slightly worried.

Here's the piece I am using to show Mr Slack my technique. I intend to hold back until he is at the same point and of the same understanding before I apply any real paint. Yes his arms are that big by the way!

This will all make sense once I have blocked a few darker tones in.

Much love

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