Wednesday, 10 July 2013

An enlightning day in Lincoln

As I presented Dave with his portrait, an unexpected response of  laughter echoed through the studio. Apparently I've made him look too mean. He's regarded as the type of employer that refuses to being called BOSS or anything like it. Laid back to the point of being horizontal... 

Dave kindly did my left hand today (the El Corazon one) should look better once the redness and swelling goes down. This tattoo took far, far longer than usual as Dave patiently explained every step of the process. I was taking notes and everything. Big love to John of Living Colour for also giving time to explain a few things.

Here's Leda looking all sexy as usual

Glasgow! I may move to you in a few months but this raining cats and dogs shit has to stop... seriously. Starbucks as a refuge from the rain is shit... and expensive.

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