Friday, 26 July 2013


Yesterday was one of the most frustrating, disheartening and stressful days I have had in a while.

I lost my studio due to a punctuation error (smiley faces are apparently very important), I didn't get to do any tattooing in Lincoln as a result of  me being wound like a spring after a telephone argument with a friend over a misunderstanding involving the every-mans waste of time FACEBOOK, a mistake involving trains left me stranded in the backend of nowhere with a dead mobile phone and then I had to go move some of my stuff out of the nice new studio at 10pm once I finally got back.
Shitty day is an absolute understatement! It would appear that nothing is anywhere near as good or sorted as it seems SCREW YOU UNIVERSE!

So I had two of these done to hopefully retrieve some joy. I'm just including one for sorrow as it really was a terrible day

Today has been not a great deal better than yesterday. Setting up a very temporary home studio in order to keep up with gallery and private commitments is not much fun. Phone ringing every five minutes, not being able to meet an important person, a small bedroom to try to organise as a studio and there are screaming kids in the house. Moan, Moan, Moan. this run of misery has to subside at some juncture. 

Heres a bit of a face I drew today.


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