Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Told you there would be more...

This is the process I am using for a commission for a client from Aberdeen Northern Scotland. I like to keep the client informed at every stage...lots of emails! I met the client in glasgow, discussed their requirements and then began experimenting with poses.

Allowed the client to go away and choose the pose they prefered.

Started with a hand stretched triple primed very fine grain linen canvas. primed/toned again with opaque burnt umber and white acrylic as a mid tone imprimatura. 

sent a few head sketches by email for approval. Once approved, drew in head from multiple references. Sketches, photos and memory.

Refining the drawing at this stage is of great importance as it is the framework for everything to come. A dodgy eye or misshapen foot at this stage will always come back to bite you at a later stage.

Then I blocked in a few of the larger dark areas using burnt umber Acrylic as it allows me to work into these areas at a quicker pace due to acrylic paint's fast drying time.

Loony Bin tomorrow so bit of a day off.

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