Thursday, 8 August 2013

I've not been skiving

I haven't posted for a while but I have been working my socks off. Despite the general chaos of my life, I have still been putting in the hours... admittedly at the wrong end of the candle.

Here's a revisitation to a subject from a while ago. Its essentially a pumped up version of a very similar composition but this time in a more obviously interior setting. It's at a very early stage and is quite dark. I made the choice of an earth green ground which has led to some interesting results in the flesh areas. 

The model is non other than the frequently used Alison Auldjo owner of UnionGallery Edinburgh. She is one of my favourite people to paint as she has a remarkable ability to look sullen when a camera is pointed her way. Hahaha!

Portraity commission. About 2 hours work until completion.

You are going to have to Russian bear with me on this one. I can feel it will be a belter just not sure what i'm doing at the moment. Not the smartest way to work but risk is sometimes good in this game.

and here's  Mr Slack showing his ability to quickly pick up techniques and run with them.


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