Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Back to Life...

I am back from Warsaw and back to reality... and work. Warsaw was great, the weather was great and the company was excellent. It was a much needed break and I successfully managed to do very little which is actually difficult for me at times. 

Here's a photo of the talented painter John Smyth and I at Burn Selector Festival in Warsaw.
 John's work can be found here LINK

And here's an example of his painty painty goodness.

I am finding it slow going at the moment. This is always the case when I take a step back for a couple of weeks. I have been working on this 40cm painting to ease back into it. I have to get cracking as I need to get 5 pieces done for the Edinburgh Art Fair in November. LINK There seems to always be a deadline in my life.

Still quite a bit to do... will post more tomorrow.


Have some of this

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