Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Wednesday

I have been trying to avoid Christmas by doing this for my sister.

Will post more once I start painting. 


Saturday, 21 December 2013

One flew east, One flew west...

I have just returned from a mental health hospital (that sounds worse than it actually is). Haha! I'm not crazy! He protests.
I have been drawing some of the patients (those that would sit still at least!) The images are of terrible quality due to the fact that I did not have access to the required equipment... but you get the idea. The original drawings were given to the sitters and seemed, if only temporarily, lift peoples spirits a little. I believe I sorted a good few folks Christmas gifts!

This is the first time I have been exposed to a broad spectrum of mental illnesses at once. Whilst the human mind is capable of the most incredible things it is also capable of terribly cruel and self destructive things. I found myself increasingly more grateful for my own relatively sane existence and slightly scared by the potential fragility of my own mind. 

I think more work needs to be done... People need to talk more and understand more.

No names are given here.  Quotations have been redacted and likenesses may be coincidental. 

Found document

 X had presented at A and E asking for a body scan due to thinking there was a bug inside him that whispers things to him. X felt he was being recorded in his bedroom, the voices are people x knows whispering, telling him that people are watching. X had been looking for recording equipment in the house, taking out light fittings. X absconded from the ward the following day, feeling he would be safer at home. X was supported on leave by the crisis team in an attempt to facilitate remaining at home. X has become increasingly paranoid that family are going to harm him resulting in him not sleeping and not wanting to take his olanzapine in case it meant he fell asleep. X asked to be returned to the ward for security and treatment. He continues to report paranoid feelings but states that the voices he hears are more “whisperings” but still finds it difficult to challenge them.

found 400 page novel with each page like this 

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